Friday, December 3, 2010

Name Suggestions

Happy Friday!
I just have one week left of classes, and then finals! (I'm SO close!)
And if you, like me, want to spend your weekend NOT studying or doing homework then please take some time to help me out:

Coming up with two boys names (really four, if you include middle names) that Travis and I both like, and which go together is really hard.
And when I say "go together" I don't mean names like Carter and Cameron - which are alliterative, nor do I mean names like Moses and Noah - which are themed.
In fact, the difficulty in naming twins (in my opinion) is that the names have a tendency to over go together.

We used to really like Holden and Grey (and we still do), however, it came to my attention that if I said their names together I would be saying "Holding a grey pitcher."

Now I really like the name Micah, but other names that I like, such as Amos or Enoch might give people the impression that we're on an Old Testament theme, which we aren't.

I like the name Cole a lot, but since our friend Cole is the one who introduced us to our friend Micah it would be hard to explain (or to convincingly promise) that our children weren't named after the two of them if the boys were named Cole and Micah.

And I love the name Mason, but Mason and Micah? It's just not happening. Too many Ms.

I LOVE old family names, and have a long list of names of my ancestors like Lewis, Fred and Arthur.
But Travis thinks all of those names (and any similar to them) sound like the names "of sissy, snooty British people."
Which maybe they do, but which I think is alright.
Travis also hates Simon, Theo, Oliver, and Luca.

So I take back what I said earlier, and would like to rephrase with "Coming up with two boys names TRAVIS likes is really hard."
He is very picky.
So I invite you to please leave in your comments boys' names that you like, suggest, or think WE might like.
But please don't write in your comments how much you hate the name Grey. We've heard it all.
We still like it. You can't stop us from liking it.

The only problem is that Grey is a color and Mica is a type of sparkly rock. So they might go together too well, in that they describe exactly what sort (and color) of "Pitcher" our boys are.
Yeah, yeah.

Boy's names, please?



Nana B said...

You have a dilemma, not only 2 names that go together per baby but they also have to sound good with your last name. Names from the Bible are always good, old or new testament. How about Daniel Pitcher (with Grey or Micah as a middle), Issac Pitcher (with Cole as a middle), Carter or Cameron with Joseph as a middle, or how about Zachary (Zack) Michael Pitcher. You can just sit down together, both write out a list of names you like, compare and share, put names down and then switch them back and forth from first to middle - you have a little time to play with this. But have fun and don't stress about it, the names will come.

Unknown said...

Travis hates the name Theo?

I was going to refrain, but in defense of my brother's name...
I think you guys should go with Fred and George. Yes, I said it.

Becky Pitcher said...

I'm seriously tempted by Fred and George, but Travis just doesn't think it's funny.
Also, he keeps saying "Theo is meh... okay. Just okay."
Although he does admit that it's a perfect name for your brother.

Jessica D. said...

I really like Grey. I think it's classy. I also like Holden. I also like Arthur and Lewis, and British sounding names are awesome. I like Greyson as well or Cayden. And... Tristan. And Jude or Hayden. And Hunter. Umm.... for middle names I think Daniel is always a good middle name because it usually sounds good with other names.

I think that you should pick names you like regardless of how they might sound together because there will always be somebody who makes up some stupid thing with their names. It will happen to everyone everywhere. So do what makes you happy and don't try to please everyone else.

Elizabeth said...

I'm a sucker for old traditional names- look at my children's names! Especially the ones that are hardly ever used any more!

Taren- Gaelic for thunder!
Or you have 5 Uncles that would be tickled pink if use their names!

But I love Greyson!
I say you forget what everyone else says!
Greyson is a great name!

Lexi said...

I think Einstein and Edison would be delightful names for twin boys :)

just kidding.

I like Nana's comment telling you to each make your own lists and sit down together and play around with them. You could even be super cool and write all of the names on note cards and slide them around on the floor until you find things that fit. you'd be even cooler if you and travis did this for FHE :)

As for my legitimate suggestions:
Edison (I think it's cute, just not paired with Einstein)
Brennan (not BrenDan)
Axel - a met a funny kid from france with this name.

Natasha and Jesse said...

Here are some ideas:

Elijah (or Eli for short)
Spencer (but in the LDS world, I think it's kind of overused)

I know some of them are biblical, which won't work if that's what you're trying to stay away from.

I had a friend growing up named Clay and really like that name but it wouldn't work so well with your last name.

I really like Grey (or Gray) and Cole too. :)

Allie said...

I'm old fashioned. I like names like Walter and Henry and Sam because I think they sound strong and masculine. But we already have a Henry (a Hank, really) in the family, and my sister in law has dibbs on Sam, and Alex hates Walter (or even Walt). So I since I can't have them, you are welcome to them. :)

Camille Spence said...

You don't know me, I am friends with Kaylie Sikahema and came across your blog through her. I've been sick with a terrible cold the past two days, so I've read your whole blog and I love it!! You and your hubby sound like a super cute couple!

As for names. I think Greyson is so cute!! But I don't really know you so I don't really know what to suggest! However, there is a website called and they have a names database where you can search for names with certain meanings, from certain countries, by popularity (which I love because I don't want my kid to be Jacob S. or Emily S. I want them to just have their own, unique, but non crazy weird name), and a fun part is you can search names you like, and people named that name have taken surveys to tell you if they like being named that name, what nicknames other kids made up for them, and such. I would suggest maybe searching through there and just tossing names out there and see what Travis says! And if you're concerned they might get teased, look at what other people say about their name!

Good luck! Love love love the blog.

Amy said...

Richard and I decided on Hans and Frans for when we have twin boys

It's all about rhyming lol

John,Tori, Alison, Aaron, And Maggie said...


Uncle John

The Stanley's said...

One thing to remember is that a name becomes part of the person. So whatever you pick will end up being right in the end.
My grandpa was named Theo. Theo Christian. I don't think I would I have come up with it on my own, but I love it now because it fits my grandpa. When I hear the name I feel happy.
I like names that are sweet when used for a baby, and aren't embarrassing for a 14 year old, yet are fitting for a grown man, especially if he becomes the President of the United States.
I would eliminate all rhyming names. Or of course names that make words with initials, like GAS or ASS. Which is something I had to consider. : )
My sister named her children from family names and I have to tell you her fifth child's name. I couldn't believe she picked it at first, but it now one of my favorite names! Anders English Powell. So have fun. Choosing names is one of the best keep-your-mind-off-your-broken-ribs-and- heartburn projects during pregnancy.
And I love reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Correction: mica is a type of mineral not a rock.

Also a grey colored mica is muscovite. So when I address your sons, I will simplify it by calling them "Muscovite".

Unknown said...

No Way! Camille Spence! She contacted me on Facebook, because we are both dancers, and in Utah Valley and have the same name. I got so confused when I saw that I had commented, but then remembered, that I hadn't commented, because I'm Camille SpenceR. I think I will be happy with anything that you name your kids.

sienna said...

what about micah and holden?

cole is a good name, but even cole will tell you it is very hard to say.

good luck.