Thursday, December 2, 2010


So it's official: the boys are identical.
And growing well, too! We went in for our bi-weekly ultrasound yesterday and baby A weighs 1 lb, 1 0z and baby B weighs 1 lb exactly.
Which means they're sharing all their nutrients nicely and growing A LOT, they've doubled in weight since our ultrasound two weeks ago.

The first technician told us twins have to move to be vertex (head first) pretty soon, since they won't have room as they get bigger, so I was worried because both babies were breech.
But yesterday we went to see the paranatologists, who specialize in high-risk and multiple pregnancies and they said the babies still have tons of time to move.

And while we were watching it was pretty clear that was true.
Little baby B was moving all over the place during the ultrasound - he even moved from breech to vertex and then back again!
I was actually getting a bit nauseous. Something about ultrasounds makes the boys crazy wiggly.
Usually they kick me all day long (shouldn't they be getting some rest? taking naps, maybe?)
But something about the ultrasound makes them extra crazy, especially little baby B.

The technician was measuring my cervix and somehow baby B wiggled down and started kicking out, really hard against my cervix.
Then she started measuring baby A's head and baby B started kicking his brother in the head!
He just wouldn't get out of the picture!
Little camera hog already....

Then yesterday they also started kicking me really hard in the ribs. Which I am not used to.
They knocked my breath out once! And then it felt like one of the babies jammed his little foot or something right between my ribs and I had to shake and push on my belly to get him to wiggle free.

And yet despite the wiggling, kicking frenzy that happens 24 hours a day, if someone who isn't holding an ultrasound wand places their hand on my stomach they freeze up.
They don't move. They hold perfectly still.
And people start to ask, "Do you really feel them kicking?"
And I poke myself in the stomach and say "Hey, kick your daddy's hand!"
And maybe they roll over and Travis says "Yeah, I can kind of feel them moving..."

Well, I can! Especially when I wake up in the morning.
I suppose it's good practice for getting up early to take care of babies...

And Travis is off already this morning filming, so there's no camera and again there are no pictures to share! I'm sorry and I hope you like to read.
Because that's all you're getting!



tammy said...

This sounds awesome. Identical is awesome!

Noelley Belly said...

YEA! (That's what I was secretly hoping for!) Good to know and to be excited about!
So that means we can 2 of the same everything, right???!!! haha, jk.

sienna said...

i'm so glad everything is progressing so well. have one baby kick my ribs wasn't fun, i can't imagine two.