Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holidays with the Froelichs

Christmas is fun.
We haven't had the internet in our new place (and we're borrowing from our neighbor now, so it's not very good still. Maybe no pictures for a bit) so I haven't been on the blog.
But I have been unwrapping presents, eating cookies and listening to a very annoying amount of Disney songs in mandarin chinese (thanks to Mary for that last one.)

But when Disney songs aren't playing, my family talks like this:

[Dad carries Kathryn into the living room and sets her crying on the couch.]
Dad: We had a karate accident
Becky: Did you karate Kathryn in the face?
Dad: She was hitting me in the stomach and fell over.

Travis: When I bought my guitar it was practically a toss-up between it and a turn table.
Becky: I remember you said that.
Travis: I'd probably be a different person, since I would have done things like go to dance parties. And I'd have been aloof and handsome. Skanky girls would be all over me.
Becky: Girls would be like "DJ Travis, play that song I like and here are my breasts."
Travis: Buh buh buh buh buh breassst song.

Dad: You need more patience.
Becky: I am patient with people! I'm patient with Travis.
[We all look over to where Travis is playing tag with Kathryn on the playground]
Mom: Well what's to be patient with?
Dad: I'm pretty sure you're the luckiest girl alive.

Becky: Kathryn, the babies can hear your voice now if you talk to them.
Kathryn: [whispers] I won't say anything then.
Becky: Well if you want to feel them kick maybe you should tell them a story and they'll kick to you.
Kathryn: Or maybe you should.
Kathryn: [whispers something unintelligible]
Becky: What?
Kathryn: I'm just telling the babies a secret.
Becky: Well they can't hear you unless you talk loud enough.
Kathryn: I just said, "I got an American Girl Doll for Christmas, but I don't know anything about her yet." She came with a book, so I'll read it and know about her soon. Her name is Julie. They aren't kicking.
Becky: Dad, do you want to feel the babies? They're really moving right now.
Dad: No. I think it's freaky. You know that scene in Lord of the Rings when they pull the Uruk hai out of the slimy sack in the ground? That's what your babies are like right now. I don't want to feel them kick.

[After Kathryn spent 15 minutes brushing glitter and make-up on to my face]
Becky: How do I look?
Travis: Like.... your face is dirty. Like there is dirt on your cheeks. I don't like it.

Travis (to Becky): Ask her who her favorite is! Don't clarify, just say, "Who's your favorite?"
Becky: By the way Kathryn, who is your favorite?
Kathryn: Mostly you, because you're actually my real family. But sometimes Travis. I love Travis.

Kathryn: I love you.
Becky: I love you, too.
Kathryn: I'll love you forever.
Becky: I'll love you forever, too.
Kathryn: I will never forget you.
Becky: I will also never forget you.
Kathryn: I'll infinity forget you.
Becky: What?
Kathryn: Infinity is a word that means forever. So what I mean is, I'll remember you forever.
Becky: Oh. Thank you.
Kathryn: You're welcome!

I hope you're all sharing your holiday break with family and loved ones, and I hope your Christmas was as awesome as mine (Food processor! YES!)


Claire said...

I think my favorite posts from you are the ones where you quote Kathryn. And the rest of your family. Yeah, you're all funny.

Thanks for making me giggle aloud this morning :)

Allie said...

loved this!

MARCIE said...

Miss you all.

Lisa said...

wish i was there!

my word verification is : oushi.