Monday, December 27, 2010

The lights at Temple Square

Last night my family went to Salt Lake to see the Lights at Temple Square, and I guess I was wrong about having enough internets for picture upload.
Whether you're religious or not, the lights are spectacular and everyone should make it a goal to go some day!

I actually didn't hold the camera all night, but let my dad handle most of the pictures. It was nice to be able to enjoy the lights without feeling the need to document.
I felt pretty guilty on Christmas, since no one really took any pictures. At least with Travis and me, sometimes having a job where we hold cameras makes it hard to remember taking pictures isn't always work.
But I'm glad we got a few pictures. I love this one of Travis and I, even though we both look a little goofy.


Nana B said...

great pictures, your Dad sent some to me via phone text, but I want copies sent to me of the one of you and Travis and the one of your Mom and Dad. Grandpa and I are going to try to get a web cam for ourselves. We didn't get enough time to visit with you all on Christmas. Love to all out there, take care with yourself and the babies. Love you lots, Grandma

MARCIE said...

Very nice photos. Where is the Mary one?