Thursday, January 6, 2011


It is a new year.  It's been a few days, but as long as I'm within the first week I think I can still post about last year. Right?

It's hard to think about things that have happened this last year that don't revolve around being pregnant, but I wasn't pregnant until July, which means for 6 months other things were happening.
"Like what?" you ask.
Like this:

In January Travis and I celebrated our one year anniversary of knowing each other. Yep, we got married after ten months, and next week we'll celebrate our two year anniversary.
I learned how to make Pad Thai.
We took out a student loan to buy Travis a beautiful DSLR camera that he now pays the bills with.

In February we decided to buy a bulldog. We named him Winston. We made lots of plans and did lots of research and our landlord said "no deal." So we still don't have a dog.
My sister Kathryn got a hamster that she named Becky. After me.
It is still alive, which is surprising.

In March I chopped off all my hair into a pixie in preparation for summer time, and because I think long hair is gross.
We got a grant to go make films in Africa over the summer, because my husband is so talented and I am so good at writing essays about how I deserve to win awards to do things.
We went to the Holi Festival of Colors, which is the biggest Hindu celebration in North America.

In April I turned 21 and we had beer battered fish several times so I could experience the joy of being carded for buying alcohol (since we don't drink).
I tried to learn how to bake bread, and mostly learned that I am bad at baking bread.
Travis bought me about 45 birthday presents and wrapped them all individually because he loves me, and knows me so well! and he knows how much I like getting and unwrapping presents.
Someone at Sammy's looked at us and said "Huh. I wonder what your kids will look like" and I said "me too" and soon we will know.

In May Travis got stung by a bee, ON HIS EYElid. It was very horrific. Suzie made him an eyepatch to wear.
The farmer's market opened, though it still didn't really have any fruits or vegetables. But Travis and I learned about fresh local eggs, and how the insides are made of gold instead of yolks.
I made my first batch of jam, which was delicious for a while, but didn't seal properly. So it mostly went bad.

In June Travis and I got on a plane and flew to Kenya. It was amazing. We made friends that we will probably know our whole lives and learned and experienced SO much. Then we flew to Uganda, which we loved less, but maybe because we were sleeping on a cement floor next to a pig slaughterhouse -with pigs screaming like people all night long. But we made great friends in Uganda and saw some really cool things. Like the NILE. River.
Then we flew to England, which is where I've wanted to be my whole life, and we wandered around Oxford and I cried and felt happy and bought myself an Alice teacup and a Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe book, and sat in the building they filmed Harry Potter in and felt well-showered and happy.
We can now collectively say that we've been to every continent in the world but Australia and Antarctica.

*Oh my gosh, every time I look at this picture I think "was I that skinny 7 months ago?" Look at how skinny I am! I don't even remember what being so skinny was like, and it's so recent! I remember at the time this picture was taken feeling like I looked CHUBBY in it. How can that be?*

In July we came home.
And it was so nice to be home. We slept in our own bed. We didn't have 26 American girls living with us (kill me).
I got a job at the hospital working as a baby photographer, which -turns out- I am awesome at and love to do.
We got passes to 7 peaks, and tried to go all the time, but we didn't because often I was too tired.
Because I was pregnant. But we didn't know it yet.
Our good friends decided very suddenly to move to NYC and I felt very sad. But we're still good friends, and Suzie is coming out for my baby shower. WHAT!?
We had a birthday party for Harry Potter, as always.

In August the Farmer's Market was the place to be and we hardly even went to a grocery store all month.
I learned how to make homemade ravioli and Travis tried to teach me the proper way to make snickerdoodles.
We picked heaps of blackberries and plums from the sides of roads and Travis' old work.
My friends Logan and Eli from home visited me and I felt haaaaappy! Because I miss all you Minnesota people.
The day before they came I found out I was pregnant. I did not tell them.
It was a very tough secret to keep.
We bought helmets for the scooter that look like this:

In September I began school again.
I remembered that, really, I hate going to school. But I still went.
I had morning sickness a lot in September. It might have been partially school related morning sickness.
At the end of September I announced that I was pregnant. Because that is an impossibly hard and wonderful secret to keep.
I started this new baby blog.

In October we celebrated our one year anniversary of marriage.
People will tell you lies like "The first year is the hardest" but if that is true then marriage is just going to keep getting more awesome. And it's pretty freaking awesome as it is, and not the least bit difficult.
So far.
We heard a baby's heart beat and the doctor felt my uterus and said "you're not big enough to have twins" and I believed her.
My sister Mary came to visit me.
Travis refused to dress up for Halloween (as always.)

In November I started feeling my babies kick.
I learned there were babies. PLURAL.
Travis turned 27 and now he is an old man.
We got a new nephew named James. He is the twins first cousin. Literally. He's so big now!
I was put on bed rest and was really scared, but then I was taken OFF bed rest, and now I feel great.

In December Travis graduated school. He got a fancy new job and we moved into a new apartment. I got my grades back and did pretty good which one black smudge, but Travis got all As and Bs and one little C+, and is graduating with a 3.25! Which is amazing! I'm so proud of him.
My family came and we all got to snuggle, since my family loves to snuggle.
Travis took this picture, which is the cutest picture of all time, and which I cannot believe you haven't ALL commented on, saying it's the cutest picture you've ever seen:

Then I went to bed at 9:30 on New Years Eve.

And when I woke up it was 2011.



Marge Bjork said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen!!!

breee said...

I love this all very very much. Especially the bee sting on the eyelid part, because it's funny. I love your blog, and I hope you stay pregnant for the rest of your life so that I can keep reading and reading and reading! :)

Hope 2011 is just wonderful for you and your family!!!

OH, and that is the cutest picture I have ever seen.

Lexi said...

Excuse me. I was one of those 26 american girls and I didn't think I was that bad! We had loads of fun watching slumdog in your lovely garage bedroom.

Becky Pitcher said...

Yikes! I hope I'm not pregnant forever.
And I did enjoy the company of many of you girls (especially Lexi) but I like NOT having roommates.
Especially girls. Girls are too messy, there was hair everywhere! I cut off all my hair to avoid having hair everywhere.

MARCIE said...

Wonderful re-cap of your year. You have matured so much in the past year. We love Travis.