Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buying me presents

If you feel the need to buy me presents because you are my relative, are invited to my baby shower and feeling guilty about showing up empty handed, or are just a generous person well tah-dah!
I am trying to make things easy for you.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon compiling a list of baby things that I need. It can be viewed by clicking on the photo link to the right that says GIFT REGISTRY.

Those are all the things I could think of, though I'm sure there are many more things I will want or need.
And I didn't include them, but Travis and I love everything homemade - especially clothes and toys, and we have hardly any picture books and ZERO baby board books.
So you could get us those things too, and we'd love them.

We'd love anything though. Or nothing.
We still love you, even if you don't buy us presents.

But there you go. My Gift Registry.
Have at it.


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