Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tomorrow someone who isn't me will write on my blog.

If you are my husband, or one of the few people I've managed to coerced into coming to hang out with me you might have heard me bemoaning the fact that "There are no mommy blogs about twins."
This statement was often followed by me saying "Moms of twins just don't have time to run a blog!"
I came to this knowledge completely on my own.
Because I've been a blogger for several years and never seen a twin-mommy blog, they must not exist.

But recently a comment was left on my blog by Brittany, a mother of 5-month old twins.
I went to her blog A little of this, a little of that and immediately read through every post since her babies were born. She was like me!
She and her husband are mormons. They live in Utah. They have twins!
I started harassing her via email for information on cloth diapering twins and sleeping babies in the same crib.
Then I found Mandey from Mama and the Dudes.  She was like me!
She was from the Midwest, living in the west. She has boys born a year (possibly exactly) before mine! She has twins!

Then I realized there might in fact be an entire secret community of twin-mommy bloggers that I did not know about because when you're pregnant with only one baby twin-blogs aren't that interesting.
But now I wanted needed to be a part of the twin-mommy blog community. I felt such a connection to these women as I blog stalked (and then pestered via email) them. They know what I'm going through. They know what I will go through. They understand me!

And so, because I love them and need them and they've all "been there, done that" I asked them to help me.
Every single day someone tells me (with pity in their voice) that things are going to get worse. That I'm in over my head. That the most stressful, horrible, sleepless days of my life are ahead of me.
And that might be true.
But stop freaking telling me that. You are not helping me.

The people who tell me that are never the mother's of twins.
I usually respond with "We'll be okay, we'll figure things out."
And people say "You have no idea what you're in for."
Well, neither do you.  Where are your twins?

But these women, these twin-mommy bloggers DO know. And several of them have kindly agreed to help me with a little project.
Every Friday starting tomorrow (and hopefully continuing until the babies are born), I will feature a guest post by one of these amazing women about how awesome it is to have twins. None of that doom and gloom nonsense.
Some of these women have twins who are kids, not babies. Some of these women have twins who are still pretty new. One of these women has two sets of twins! What!?
And so I'm pretty freaking excited to see what they all have to say.
And you have that to look forward to.



Jessica D. said...

My cousins have two sets of twin boys and an adopted daughter. She is an amazing mother who handles being such a busy mom well. She wouldn't trade her two sets of boys for anything in the world. I think you are going to be just as amazing.

Carol said...

Sorry if I have said the wrong things. Didn't mean to. We are here for support and want to help with anything you might need help with.

Mary said...

YEAH!! I'm excited to hear all these smart ladies encourage my awesome to be mom sister!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to be apart of your project! :) Oh, and if I haven't mentioned it before, your blog design is so organized and lovely looking! My blog design needs a major redo. Haha. :)

Brittany said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear from other twin moms. Seriously, I'm SO excited about this.

Tanya said...

Hey Becky!
Quenton and I are so excited for you and Travis! I AM a twin, and although am the mother of only one, I've talked to my mom a lot about what it was like (I have 3 older sibs, one being barely a year older than me and my sister) and she said it was fine. She said you adjust, and she loved having twins. :) I think you'll be a great mom of twins, so don't worry about the stupid people who make comments without considering if they're even valid.

haggen family said...

Becky, you might like this blog too. Twins and other funstuff =)

Andrea said...

Random blog stalker from Brittany's blog. We're 33 weeks pregnant with twins girls, LDS and live in Idaho! My "cyber" and real life relationships with other twin moms has been crazy valuable. Keep it up!


B. said...

Just found your blog. Can't wait to read more as you jump into twin mommyhood. My twin boys are turning 1 in March and it's been a crazy year but I wouldn't change a thing.