Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home alone

I'm not really home alone, because I have a friend staying with me, but I am without Travis.
He is off filming in Texas and somewhere else.
He's gone all day today and tomorrow!

I hate it.
I don't like to be without him for even the afternoon when he's at work. I sit at home anxiously watching the clock and start to panic if 5:20 rolls around and he's not home.

And when he's gone for days that feeling of panic is just so much greater. Where is he now? What is he doing? Is he alright? Is he safe? Is he eating well?

I made him a little cardboard frame, which I didn't have time to photograph, but it opens up like a card and has these two pictures in it:

He can take it with him whenever he travels now, which sadly will be oftenish. When the boys are born there will be real pictures of them in it.

As he was walking out the door he grabbed one of our engagement pictures off the table and said "I want to take this too. Because you are so beautiful with your long flowing hair... like a hippie."
I found every part of that interaction to be quite flattering.
I miss him already.

It's hard to be without him.



Claire said...

Dear Becky,
Though I was immensely looking forward to your baby shower last Saturday, I did not put it together that my dad would be in town for that same weekend. I'm so sorry! So the purpose of this comment is to ask if there is anything in particular you're still in need of. I'd much prefer to give you something you'll use and don't have already. Please let me know.

Kitsune-kun said...

awwwww no! Ryan has to fly away every weekend now and it SUCKS. let's hang out?

travis pitcher said...

I miss you too. I will be home soon enough though. You did marry a filmmaker and travel is always something that will be there.

I love the frame. I put it on the bedside table so I wouldn't be lonely. I love ALL of you (twin boys included).