Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Big Kids

Yes, it's practically nighttime before I'm posting, but it's been a productive day. I did some sewing, and some baking, and some eating of an entire loaf of banana bread... but I didn't manage to make it to the blog until now.
Nor did I take any pictures all day.
This is a picture that my friend Joe took of the boys on his phone (thus the mediocre quality).
But seriously.
Look at them.
They're sitting on the couch all by themselves.

Micah on the left, Grey on the right.

They deserve some votes for being so awesome at sitting, am I right?

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Brittany said...

Holy smokes.

Your babies are getting huge!

Polly said...

They look like dolls. Especially Grey.
I almost gave up on you today, I thought it was "completely wordless Wednesday"

Unknown said...

Really its awesome how beautifully they are sitting.Nice
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MARCIE said...

They DO look big! And so when are you sending me my photos?