Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most Mornings

We have a LOT of home movies.
I don't post them very often, because most of them are like the one below, kind of boring, quiet, uninteresting.
And because Travis edits our home movies to be rocking I wait, because all this footage will end up somewhere eventually, whether it's a tear jerker {like this} or party {like that}.

But I stay home with the boys all day, visited by kindly neighbors, friends and my mother-in-law, and except for those visits we're by ourselves.
And it usually is just like this:

Morning from Becky Pitcher on Vimeo.

Also, a note about yesterday's post. After I publicly besmirched my brother-in-law on the blog, he left a comment saying " If you really think that all these people trying to empathize with you are seeking to insult your intelligence then you must not be thinking clearly. "

Obviously when people say those things to me they are trying to empathize, not insult me.  I am just amazed that everyone seems to say exactly the same thing, including complete strangers. But to those of you who are not complete strangers (or those of you who are), who have said to me that we're lucky twins are first, or that baby three will be easier... you are right.
I know it.
And I'm sorry that I can't just accept these comments, but feel the need to harass you on my blog.
I don't mean it, and I hope you forgive me.

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Keri-Anne said...

What a lovely video. Your boys are such sweeties x

Lana said...

I do believe that I also said something similar to Chris but without calling you out so much. Ahem, where is my shout out?


Brittany said...

Although I do think people aren't trying to be offensive (Ugh. I hate that word...) I can COMPLETELY relate to getting your feelings hurt (maybe that's a better explanation over being offended?) over things that are said. I've been told time and time again to not cloth diaper because it's too much work. Sometimes it really is hard not to take it personally because I see it as a lack of faith about my skills as a wife and mother. I think I've told you, but it's the same things when people make comments on whether or not their wearing socks, or bows, or eat solid foods yet, or whatever. To me, it's a blow to my stewardship I have over my children. Ya know, if I want to take the extra time to wash a few diapers every week so my girls' bums are protected from chemicals, we save money and we aren't producing enough trash, than so be it.

I don't think I'll ever fully understand the baby #3 comment though. I guess the isolated, single baby will be easier, but my twins will still be around.

Aaaand sorry for the rant. I apparently need some ice cream or something. :)

Unknown said...

Oh!!! They do like to follow the pictures. That is so fun. Have you found that they follow a certain picture more than the others?

Polly said...

This video is so cute, I love it. Thanks for posting. I was so worried that they will look totally different when I see them next, but so far they look the same and I can still tell them apart. I love how they watch the picture go by. They have good eyes!

Keri-Anne said...

just a little comment to let you know that i grabbed your button,

Keri-Anne xx


LaurenSmash said...

hey - this is your blog. You have a right to complain or FEEL whatever you want. You weren't mean or angry about it, you just said something that you thought. I can't imagine having 2 tiny babies at once. Other people need to be less sensitive. Obviously you are not alone in this there are plenty of other ladies who felt the same way, who hear the same things. Don't let anyone tell you you need more sleep, that is passive agressive. You are entitled to your own feelings.