Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beautiful Baby - Grey

So we're here. We made it.
We are in Montana.
The boys have a crib set up in their aunt Kathryn's room, and we have to lie them facing the window or they fuss and wiggle and strain their necks until they've repositioned themselves to face the window.
They love it.

Below is Grey. My sweet baby.
My baby who never cries.
My baby who always makes me feel like a good mom, because he eats well and sleeps well and I never find myself saying "What more can I do? How can I help you?" whilst feeling totally inadequate. 
Grey is learning how to suck on his fingers and will rub his fist across his face until it ends up in his mouth.
Sometimes after a few minutes of good sucking, his thumb will pop out - and suddenly he's a thumb sucker.
He is very solemn, and doesn't give out his smiles quickly or often, but he'll grin a big wide, open-mouthed smile when he's very happy.
He tries to talk and sing when I talk and sing and makes a happy "Ah-ah-oooooh!" sound that sounds a bit like he's holding in a sneeze.

He loves having a bath, but he hates when I rub lotion and baby powder on him afterwards.  He sucks at his pacifier like there's no tomorrow.
He is perfect.
I love him so much.

Pictures of Micah coming soon. And no, I didn't edit the eyes.
Here's proof. Below is the edited version and the unedited version of the same picture:

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Carol said...

Glad you made it there safe and I hope you have a great week with your parents. Grey looks great!!

Brittany said...

He is beautiful. You made some super cute babies, Becky! Look how he's filling out the diaper! I love it. And I'm glad you're safe and sound. Hope the drive wasn't too crazy!

Mary said...

Sweet baby! Have fun with the Froelichs!

Mary said...

oh, that comment was from Grama. apparently I am signed in on Mary's computer. Teehee.

Kelsey said...

Love the arm wrinkles. Sweet baby.

Valentina Mantovani said...

very pretty and cute!! I love kid♥

Kath said...

adorable! i just saw your blog and it is really cool. I'm sure you are an amazing mom.

I just started my new blog (I have a few) but this one is my baby & kids gear blog. love to have you stop by.