Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandpa man

My dad's birthday was yesterday, so Grey wore his "I love my grandpa Chris shirt."
The babies have shirts for all their grandparents, hand-drawn by my amazing husband.
I love my Grandpa Chris features a camera, because my dad loves photography. (His photoblog {here})
I love my Grandma Polly (my mom) is a picture from the book "Guess How Much I Love You," because my mom loves to read us, and she loves us right up to the moon and back.
I love my Grandpa Dave (Travis' dad) is not actually done, but the plan is for it to have an old school, short-shorts basketball player dunking the ball because Travis' dad is a tall athletic lover of basketball .
I love my Grandma Carol has pictures of lots of fruits, vegetables, a bee-hive and garden tools because she always has a big garden full of yummy food that she serves and preserves.

Since Grey was in his Grandpa Chris shirt, Micah had to wear his Grandma Polly shirt.
And since they are adorable, I had to take their picture. (Of course.)

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you so much, and so do these babies.

(When Travis finishes his dad's shirt, we'll put up some pictures of the boys wearing it and the Grandma Carol shirt.)

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MARCIE said...

These little guys grow bigger in each post. Love their shirts. I didn't realize Travis was so artistic! Happy Birthday Grandpa Chris!

Emily said...

Adorable onesies and even more adorable bubbas!!

Bees_Circus said...

Those shirts are amazing! :) You have such an awesome husband! & gorgeous babies! You're incredible yourself, I take myhat off to you!

-Danica- said...

Ahh i wish that i would have had onesies like that for my little girl! You guys should start an etsy shop cuz I would for sure buy some!