Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I miss Travis

It's hard to be away from my husband.
Pretty much we send each other picture texts all day long.
I send pics of the boys and occasionally myself, and he sends pictures of whatever cool place he happens to be at the time and occasionally himself.
My texts are captioned like this: "Hi Daddy, we love you!" or "Look at Grey's craaazy hair!"
His are captioned like this: "An art exhibit if all the freedom riders mug shots from 1961. It is amazing!"

I also got this text:
"Some tweens just came up to me and showed me some pictures they took of me filming the event. They said I was cute and that they are my new stalkers. I said my name is Trevor and to look me up on facebook. How awkward. I showed them the pictures of you with the boys and they liked that. Said you are cute too!"

I can't stop smiling about the whole incident.
Seriously, teenage girls hit on my husband all the time. Like, every time he leaves the house without me.
I'd say he's making all the incidents up, but it's also happened several times while I was there but not next to him.
Also, several times friends have texted me things like "[Some girl] and I just bumped into Travis. She thinks he's SO CUTE and is totally jealous of you."

Yeah, whatever. So I have the hottest husband around.
No biggie.

Also, is it weird that I kind of love when girls hit on him? It makes me feel more awesome.
Like when I'm being hit on.
Because I must be pretty awesome to have snagged such a winner for myself.

And he's a winner I seriously miss.

One more week...
One more week is too long.


Also, no pictures in this post. It's your punishment for not commenting on how cute my babies are in the last two posts.
I mean, seriously, don't those pictures just melt your heart?
But, as my wise husband Travis said "You post adorable pictures of the boys every day. What can people say today about your pictures that they didn't say yesterday?"
Fine. Maybe later today you'll get some pictures.
But only if you vote for me.
(Bribes, duh.)

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Jen said...

hahaha This post made me laugh out loud. And then I read it out loud to my husband and he laughed. [He's had similar experiences.] Thanks for sharing! I hope this next week goes by slow enough for you to enjoy the special little moments in life that are often looked over but fast enough that it's not unbearable to be away from Travis!