Thursday, June 30, 2011

cherry picking

Gym teachers through the years have loved to tell me to "stop cherry picking."
Which I suppose means "Stop day dreaming, stop watching clouds, run faster, throw harder, pay attention to whatever sport you're supposed to be playing."
Or something.

But cherry picking is niiiiice. Yesterday on a walk, the boys and I passed a little cherry tree by the side of the road.  The cherries were perfectly red, ripe, sour and delicious!
I'm a pretty firm believer in eating unclaimed fruit, so Travis and the boys and I returned a few hours later with plastic bags to collect cherries in.

We came home with about 3lbs of cherries, and 2.5lbs of that went straight into a delicious cherry pie.
Tastes so good makes a grown man cry.
I baked {this} recipe, and must say - it was one of my best pies yet! If you have ripe sour cherries then you should put them into this pie asap.

Mmm, I love summertime! Travis and I have secret places all over Provo where we know we can get fresh fruit. Parking lots with blackberry bushes. Church yards with apricot trees. Plum-trees in parks.

If it's not in an orchard or someone's yard, it's free for the taking right?

 It was raining off and on, so we brought an umbrella. Travis thought putting cherries into the upturned umbrella was a good idea.
Until it blew away.
And like any good wife, I took his picture instead of helping him retrieve berries.

My plans for this weekend? Use some more cherries to make a small batch of cherry jam. MmmmYesplease.

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Brittany said...

"I'm a pretty firm believer in eating unclaimed fruit"

I love this.

Polly said...

Where was this "unclaimed fruit"? It looks delicious. What a good wife you are making a yummy pie for your hubby and homemade jam. Where did you learn these domestic skills? I bet your dad wishes his wife would make him a homemade pie. Sorry Chris, maybe next year.

Kitsune-kun said...

ah! we picked the cherries form this tree last year and made little tarts! sooo good:)

melifaif said...

You are making me think a few things from this post:
1. I most definitely need to plant that cherry tree I have been longing for.
2. I should bake "your" cherry pie for THIS weekend.
3. mmmm.....cherries!!!!!
4. Definitely free for the taking, I would assume. Need to go searching Houston, Texas. Takes me back to childhood.
5. I should let "the hubs" use his "clever" ideas more often....and make sure I bring the camera.

Great post!

Love, Meli

Kristin said...

um - i'm jealous of your secret know-how. However, I don't think I would share my secrets if they were of the free fruit nature either. Therefore, I won't ask. But just know that I want to.

Roxanne said...

so great! where is it??

sienna said...

How funny. If that is the tree think it is, then our good friend owns that house and planted that tree when he and Tony lived there years ago. I'm glad the fruit is getting eaten.

Marge Bjork said...

I was just climbing a cherry tree to glean the other day. very rewarding