Friday, November 11, 2011

a cookbook

Did you know that I collect cookbooks?
Okay, so I collect a lot of books in general. But I LOVE a good cookbook. I snuggle down into my bed with a cookbook and read it like a novel.
 I seriously go through recipes and am like "Oh, she added cinnamon to that. That's surprising," or "Mmm, when I make this next week I'm going to add some diced red potatoes."
I refer to my favorite chefs by their first names only.
"I made one of Jamie's recipes today. He always uses so much ginger, but I seriously love it."
or "Martha is the one who taught me to properly fry an egg and roast a chicken." (Truth, sister. But to be fair, Jaime is the one who taught me to slaughter a chicken).

But the truth is, no matter how much I love to look at my cookbooks, my most used cookbook is a photo album that displays handwritten recipe cards that I've collected over the years.
And because I am a tiny bit obsessed with cookbooks, I have long wanted to make my own cookbook.
And so I shall!

Recently, I saw someone who had made her own cookbook, and I was highly impressed, and also jealous. I vowed to get down to business and do it!
My plan is to photograph each and every recipe that I put into my book, and as I make and photograph the food I will share the recipe here with you. Hopefully about one recipe a week!
Most of the recipes are things like sloppy joes, chocolate chip cookies, and swedish pancakes.
You know, regular ol' family-style food, things I've been eating my whole life.
And I would LOVE if you guys would link to your favorite recipes, because I really want this book to be full and I plan on including as many recipes as possible - and I need to start trying things out somewhere.
As I'm still getting over being sick, I'm not really up for much in the kitchen today but check back next week for my first recipe!

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Katie and Matt said...

Anything made by the Pioneer Woman is really good. I haven't found a recipe of hers that I wouldn't make again. BUT her Corn and Cheese Chowder is fantastic!! It was a huge hit with my fam on Halloween. Try it. You will not be disappointed.

-Danica- said...

I can't stop making anything from Mels Kitchen Cafe. That woman has some seriously good recipes! I am excited to see what things you have to post :)

Aimee said...

Not to advertise for myself, but I have a cooking blog with my mom and we post some our favorite recipes on there, only the ones that turn out great...

check it out. let me know if you have questions.