Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blogging en mi casa:

(Is that real Spanish? Probably not, huh?)

People like to ask, "How do you find the time to blog?"
The answer is simple: by either neglecting my children or housework - or more often both.
Oh, and by never showering unless I'm going out in public or taking pictures of myself. (FYI: The park, neighbors houses, the grocery store, and the library don't count as "public")

Usually when I'm blogging it's like this:

I am sitting on the floor in my house (in a tank, not neked.) I have not showered, eaten, washed the day-old make-up off my face, or brushed my teeth. I sit on the floor with the laptop on the couch in front of me while babies climb all over me and try to see what I'm doing / try to stick the computer cord in their mouth / rip out chunks of my hair / head butt each other and then cry.

They've currently gotten bored with me and right now Grey is standing at the couch next to me, trying to reach and spill my water and Micah has crawled into his room where I can hear him whining (he's tired) and banging on the lid of the diaper pail like a drum.
And instead of playing with them, I'm writing this blog post.... Oh! The picture of perfect motherhood, am I not?
(In case you need a refresher:)

So pathetic!
Oh, and in these pictures you can't see that Micah has a fistful of my hair, and Grey is grabbing my arm with his sharp little demon claws. Maybe it's time I trimmed their nails...
But look at me! Working through the pain. That's dedication people.
Now I'm going to go put my babies down for a nap and try to scrounge up some breakfast. (And I say "scrounge" because the breakfast food in our house is not ideal, so I may end up eating fried rice... although my husband and former roommates can all testify that fried rice is in fact my favorite breakfast food.)

I'd love it if you voted for me, and if not for me then do it for the boys! They need something in their lives. All they have now is a neglectful mother.
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Becky said...

Now that is a dedicated blogger. And dinner for breakfast is awesome. I like pizza breakfast.

Unknown said...

This makes me laugh. You are not giving yourself nearly enough credit. Your kids are healthy and happy and regardless of what you eat, breakfast is breakfast!

Polly said...

Oh your honesty hurts me when shared with the whole world. I love you and you make me laugh!

Sonja said...

hahaha this cracked me up! I guess i LOL'ed for real.

Nana B said...

and sometimes we eat breakfast for supper, scrambled eggs/pancakes that kind of stuff when I am tired of the same old same old meat and potatoes.
And I agree with your Mom, you are so funny to share this post with the world. But your followers don't seem to mind that you are a little nuts. Love You and the boys

Mhopp said...

Lol! That's the funniest blog post I've read in a looongg time! I'm the same way!! Except I'm usually on facebook instead of writing a blog.