Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Pjs

Breathe. Get it out of your system, Becky.

Here's a story:
I went to Target to buy gifts for a baby shower.
I came home with these awesome pajamas.  They were on sale, and my family has this tradition where we all get to open one present on Christmas Eve (a present of my parents choosing) and it's always Christmas pajamas.
But turns out, I can't wait until Christmas Eve for this cuteness. I was changing Micah, and I got distracted and let him be diaper -free for a minute and BAM! Pee everywhere. So he needed new clothes... so I put these snugly pjs on him, since the boys are sick and pajamas are the best things to wear when sick.
Then, obviously, Grey also needed to wear his new pjs because his pants were too big... so off came his big pants, and on went his reindeer pants.

Then, since they were being FREAKING ADORABLE we got out the Christmas lights and the camera.
Oh my goodness. I love them so.

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Brittany said...

LOVE these pictures. Mostly because your boys are adorable, but also because they're sucking on Christmas lights. My grandma emailed me all about how my girls could get electrocuted when she saw my blog. Oops? Does that happen with Christmas lights?

Glad to know I'm not the only one who lives on the wild side. :)

I really do hope we see you this week!

tiffany__dawn said...

i think i'm going to steal your lights+baby idea. so cute!

Jennie said...

Becky. This is perfection. I'm dying. Christmas babies are the best.

PS - I would still love to see you and your boys sometime. So sorry it hasn't worked out all semester. I'll be in touch!

-Danica- said...

Uh yah, babies in jammies is just about the best thing there is on this earth. So cute!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just came across your blog..these are too the tradition!

Marli said...

Too cute!!! Your babies are so presh! :)