Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Video overload

As you may know, I recently had a very expensive surgery to have my hand replaced with an iPhone. It's lovely, I spend about a third of the day staring at it, or typing and talking into it.
And the rest of the day (that's 16 hours a day, folks) I spend recording videos of my children.
"Where are those videos?" you bellow.
"Ahh. Here they are," I say, calmly. "Why are you freaking out? Geesh."

Let's begin with the happiest home movie you've ever seen: Babies laughing hysterically at their dad:

Grey drinking from a cup:

Babies in the bathtub:

The babies playing and walking and discovering that they can fit behind our couch:

And that's all.
"But Becky," you say, "you promised us a video overload and this is only a reasonable amount of videos. Encore, encore!"
So pushy! But fine.  Here's one more for you. :)

Here are some things you might be thinking, which you should keep to yourself: Becky's voice is weird. Becky makes boring home movies. Why does she keep saying "Please be soft with your brother" and "Such a good walker!"
Here are some things you might be thinking, which you should share with the whole class: Those babies are the cutest, smartest, funniest ten-month olds I've ever seen! I can't believe how well they walk! They should be on tv, because these videos were not at all boring!

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Katie said...

I love you Becky! Honestly, you're quickly becoming my most favorite blogger (I actually don't have a current one... but still, this is good, I promise!) :) And you're twins are look so much like my almost 10-month-old little guy - honestly, my husband and I can't get over it! I should really send you a picture!
LOVE the videos!

Katie said...

I promise I can write complete sentences, that make sense too!
I meant to say that "your twins look so much like my..." Can I blame the first crazy message on mommy brain? I mean, I only have ONE child... but still!

Becky Pitcher said...

@Katie, I sure hope it's mommy brain, because I read your first comment and had no problems, and then after your second comment I went back... and I couldn't figure out what you were talking about until I'd read it a couple times...

Anonymous said...

very cute!! I enjoy the videos! :D

MARCIE said...