Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Contest and HoneyBee Actions {GIVEAWAY}

You didn't think I'd just give my hand-made actions away, now did you? You need to prove that you deserve them!
So, I'm hosting my very first photo contest. The winner (and maybe a runner-up or two, if I'm really feeling it) will win the HoneyBee Action set, which consists of 25 black and white, and color actions. (See more info {here} or {here}).

And I decided that I needed a theme for my contest, and I needed one that was ambiguous enough that you could include nearly any picture of your choosing, but also... not really. 

The theme is Honey. 

Honey may mean your significant other, your baby, your puppy. Honey may be your street on a sun-soaked honey-colored afternoon.  Honey might be a legitimate jar of honey, or a book about Winnie-the-Pooh.... you know. Whatever.
Something sweet.

Here's my example of Honey:

The giveaway will run until Midnight on January 16. And may I just say, I bet practically no one enters this giveaway, so if you have Photoshop and want these actions, you should enter my contest and you could quite possibly win. 

To Enter:
Click on those blue words below that say Click Here to Enter, there you can link to a blog post or Flickr album (or whatever) where your picture is online, and submit a little thumbnail so we can see a tiny version of your picture. (But if you don't link to the picture, beware - I can't see enough to pick you from just that little thumbnail!) I added my picture as an example. See below. :)
Good luck!

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F as in Frank said...

Sounds fun! How to we submit our photo?

Becky Pitcher said...

Good call. I will edit the post to include instructions.

Krystle said...

supercute, love the idea. wanna win :)

Claire said...

This is really, really awesome. Even more awesome than I expected (and I knew it was going to be awesome). Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Also, thank you for that glorious comment on my blog this morning. I would love a link to that article. That's just the sort of thing I'm passionate about.

Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Jessica said...

I accidentally entered twice because I didn't know what I was doing the first time. I'm excited. The actions look so good!