Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ever since I got my phone, I've been amassing hundreds of Instagram photos. Hundreds, people.
And I love them.
I have framed pictures all over my tiny apartment (in case you couldn't tell from this blog, photographs are really important to me) but Instagrams just don't seem to fit into any of those places... I don't know how to display them all!
So I've been browsing Pinterest looking for some ideas, and here are some of my favorite uses of Instagrams.

Turning them into coasters:

Or magnets for your fridge:

A garland of Instagrams seems perfect, because then they're on display but you don't need 8million tiny frames!

I have mixed feelings about this one... it's cute, but I don't like my house to look "crafty." I like things to be homemade, yes. But I've never been a fan of handpainted wooden signs that say cutesy things like "Live, Laugh, Love" or garland (excepting in the boys' room or during holidays).... and this just rings of "crafty."
Maybe because I know it'd end up sloppy if I made it...

I like this... but then I'd have photostrips to display, and honestly, I already have about a dozen photostrips laying around with no way to show them off...

This is one of my favorite ideas and also, the most unlikely to be done, although it's done with polaroids in the picture, not instagrams:

And this will probably happen someday, when we have more wall space:

Hmmm, what do you think? Do you have any other ideas? How do you display your pictures?
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One Lucky Twinmum said...

I love instagram. I am on instragram since a few weeks and addicted to it ;) I have a few instagram magnets and they are lovely as presents. Turning instagram pictures into coasters seems pretty nice! I think I have to order some coasters :D What is your IG username?

-Danica- said...

I don't think that lamp looks too crafty - I think it would be awesome. And I love the magnets and the garland! Too cute. Wish I had an iPhone :)

Polly said...

I think you should bring some with and we should make coasters for everyone! I totally wanted to make those for Christmas presents I just rarely make anything but together we can do it. Thanks for the live love laugh slam. crafty to me is wooden painted dolls with straw for hair. haha

Kayleigh said...

Coasters and magnets are super cute. Your babies are adorable. And my least favorite crafty sign? "all because two people fell in love." blech. I'm totally with you on the no crafty thing.

Becky Pitcher said...

@One Lucky Twinmum: My username is Rebeccahlouise
@Polly: Good call, wooden dolls with straw hair are worse. I kept thinking of scarecrows, and wooden, hand painted pumpkins... but I couldn't think of anything good that wasn't fall-themed.
Maybe it's the straw...

Emma Cullen said...

Easier and cheaper than an ENORMOUS frame, though less beauteous. Pick battles, I guess.

Agree with Live, Laugh, Love, eugh.