Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Blackberries

My babies love blackberries. Love. Love. LOVE.

After they eat blackberries, they are stained purple for the rest of the day. 


But look at that satisfied boy.
Totally worth the mess.

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Lana said...

Where are you buying blackberries in January?!

F as in Frank said...

I can't stand all the cuteness!

Mary said...

o my gosh that last picture of Micah is priceless I love it!!!! also I would really like to come play with my nephews I think they miss fun aunt mary right?

MARCIE said...

Would someone wipe Micah's nose and put bibs on those boys! (Being a great-grandmother makes me feel so powerful!) Love the pics, of course!

james adam said...

Michan, very cute baby :) just showing his innocence through his eating habit :) lovely :)

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Becky Pitcher said...

@Marcie every time I wipe their noses, it results in so much crying that their noses run and are even worse than before I tried.
So I've mostly given up nose-wiping.

And we have a schedule: they wake up and eat breakfast in their pjs, and then their jammies are thrown in the wash... so they don't need bibs. Their clothes are about to be cleaned anyway!