Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Contest WINNERS

Wow, it was actually way harder than expected to decide on a winner for this Photo contest.
So... I have three winners. I guess.
Yeah, three.
And several more that I really like.

Also, either you guys know I have a weakness for adorable twin photos... or there are more twin mom readers of this blog than I realized. 
But seriously. This is one of the cutest twin picture I've ever seen... and I have twins.

I adore this couple on the bridge:

And this picture is pretty much perfect:

Thank you so much for entering my contest. What do you think? Should we do this again?
If I picked your picture, and I'll send you HoneyBee Actions, as soon as my kids go to sleep again... and if I forget, like I did with our last giveaway winner (I will try so hard not to forget!), email me and remind me: Rebeccah.louise@gmail.com

And for those of you who entered, but didn't win... stay tuned. As soon as I figure out how to use a coupon code on PayPal, I will get you a discounted action set. Say What!? (WHAT.)

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MARCIE said...

Darling photos indeed!

Katie B said...

I'm so honored and excited! Thanks!

Katie and Matt said...

I am seriously interested in purchasing your photoshop actions!! I have photoshop, but I am severely impaired when it comes to actually using it with any skill whatsoever....