Monday, March 12, 2012

Partying our faces off

On Saturday we partied hard. Except, you know, sans liquor, loud music and any actual "partying" and with lots of babies, cupcakes, and a toddler having an accident on our floor.
So the norm.

We started the afternoon right with the boys' birthday party.  I made three decorations. That ribbon and felt bunting, the picture banner (which are monthday pictures that I printed and then sewed together) and those hastily cut-out letters that spell Happy Birthday.
I also made rainbow cupcakes.
The calm before the storm:

Then people arrived.
And kept on arriving.
Because I decided to pretty much invite anyone that happened to know that I have babies.
Soon our tiny apartment was a madhouse of children, and there were more people under the age of three than over it.
It was really, really fun.

This cutie pie insisted that I take her picture. I love her. I think she looks like Mowgli, especially when she was a baby with chubby cheeks and big dark eyes.

When the party ended, we all took LONG naps, and when we awoke, lo! it was party-time again. Our whole apartment complex was having a BBQ. It was crazy fun, and the weather outside was completely gorgeous. Sunny and warm and there were (once again) kids everywhere. I love our complex, because all of these kids live within 8 apartments. Seriously, we never lack playmates.

It was a glorious Saturday, and it made me so excited for summertime, when we can relax outside, and have windows open, and BBQ hotdogs every. single. day.

Crazy boy hair. I love.

These pictures were edited with Softly and My Only Sunshine from HoneyBee Actions. 

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Unknown said...

That picture of your family of 4 just melts my heart. So dang cute.

F as in Frank said...

Love the party decor & the neighborhood kiddos! Super cute!

Krystle said...

What a blast!!

Lana said...

I can't find my phone to text you. Do you have any cookie cutters shaped like a snake? or a worm would do as well. It's a St. Patrick's day emergency -at some point soon!

Polly said...

I just noticed Micah is wearing shoes! Wow, they look dirty so he has had them on for awhile. But not Grey? He still won't wear them?

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