Saturday, March 10, 2012

A real birthday update, for the only two babies in the world who refuse to eat cake.

It's been almost a week since my boys turned one, and if you recall, I did not do a Birthday Update, like I do every other month. So here it is.  I set up an elaborate home studio to take Birthday Cake Smash pictures with the babies, but they 100% refused to touch or eat their cake.  
They don't like to be messy.
If I feed them the cake with a fork, they'd be much more interested in it.
So some pictures are from the failed photoshoot, and some are from the bath afterwards. 

In the last month, the babies have made so much progress with understanding social cues, games, and words. Yesterday Grey coughed and choked during dinner, and I patted his back and said "Oh, are you okay?" A few seconds later Micah fake-coughed and then looked at me expectantly. I patted his back and said "Oh, are you okay?" He giggled, turned to smile at Grey, and then fake coughed again. And again. And again. Every time that I patted him, he was so pleased with himself. They've also started initiating games of peekaboo.  In the past, if we hid behind something and popped out, or put a blanket over their heads, they'd pull it off and giggle, but now they will put a blanket over their own heads or pop out from behind things themselves. 
They run and hide from us and each other, they chase us and each other. 
They've just learned "So Big!" and walk around holding their arms over their head, until I say "How big is Micah? SO BIG!" and then they giggle hysterically. 
Travis put cake on Grey's head, and Micah was more interested in daddy's camera than in his delicious personal cake.

Now if I tell them, "We're going outside," or ask "Do you want to go to the park?" They'll walk to the door, and wait. And if I dare to tell them that we're going to the park and I don't take them, they begin having meltdowns. 
Oh, the meltdowns! They throw tantrums now to rock the roof off. Micah literally lies on the floor and pounds his fists and kicks his fists.  Grey prefers to lie face down on the grounds and scream into the carpet. And both love the drama of crawling or stumbling (they can't probably walk during a tantrum) into a corner, where they cry pathetically and hit us away if we try to help them. 

They have also become really snugly. When they were first learning to sit up, they refused to ever lie down. When they were learning to walk, they refused to crawl. When they could entertain themselves, they didn't want to sit and snuggle. But now that they can do all sorts of things, they do everything again.  They crawl around, they lie down on their stomachs and play with their toys, and they crawl on to my lap for a snuggle or a story.  
Grey will walk to me, turn around about a foot in front of my lap, and then slowly and carefully walk backwards until he falls into my lap. 
Micah will sit down on the floor next to me, and then slither and roll on to my lap. It's silly. I love it. 

The boys personalities are becoming so distinct, too. Micah is a clear daddy's boy, and Grandma's boy. But not ever a mama's boy. 
But at least I have Grey. Grey loves and prefers me over Travis (usually).  
Micah has taken to delighting in making trouble. He deliberately searches for doors and cupboards to open, and throws himself from high places, to see if I'll get there in time to catch him. He loves, loves, loves to unplug the tv. He'll stand in front of the outlet and make these high-pitched squeaking sounds "Ahhhh?" until I look at him.  Then he'll take a step backwards (towards the outlet) and do it again.  He'll put his hand on the cord, and then raise his eyebrows at me, and go "Huuhh? Hmm? Maaaama?" and then grin. The second I say "Micah, please come here," or "No no, don't uplug that," he yanks it out of the wall and begins to laugh hysterically. 
He knows he shouldn't do it. 
So he does it. 

Grey on the other hand, will walk to something (like the tv cord in the wall) and stand staring at it. After a bit, he'll slowly reach for it, and if I say "No Grey, please don't," he'll stop.  He'll stare at the plug for a minute, as if trying to decide what to do, and then he'll usually kind of wander away from it. 
But he'll wander back and unplug it later.  Sometimes after I ask Grey not to do something, he'll decide that it's worth it anyway, and he'll unplug the tv, or stick my computer cord in his mouth, or yank a full cup of water off the table, and then look at me guilty. He knows he's being naughty. 

Grey's also become obsessed with putting things in other things.  He moves toys from one toy bin to another. He fills the laundry basket with all the odds and ends he can find around the house, and he flips out at Micah if he dares to take toys out of their containers after Grey has put them away. 

They've both picked up a few new signs and words, and my favorite sign that Micah has learned is the sign for water. He signs when he needs a drink, which is really helpful and wonderful. I love that they're learning to communicate with me. 

Happy birthday to my sweet boys. It's been a lovely year. 
The best of all of my years. 

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lucy at dear beautiful said...

I had a little guy, only a few weeks ago, who flat out refused to smash his smash cake. I desperately wanted mess but apparently he didn't. These babies are so funny. He ate it, but so tidily that I could have screamed. I was hoping for fantastic photos of him covered in rainbow coloured cake, instead I got one good picture of him grinning with blue teeth.
Maybe next year.........? X

The Jacksons said...

My daughter REFUSED to eat her cake. It was such a cute cake that I had slaved over just for her to smash, but she just wasn't interested. I finally put some frosting in her hand and ticked her face with a piece of know, just to make it look like she enjoyed her cake.
Really, what crazy person(s) doesn't like cake??
Happy Birthday to your handsome boys :)

Anna said...

Your monthly updates make me less afraid of my baby growing bigger.

Molly S said...

So precious! I wish my son hadn't loved the smash cake so much. I have a video on my blog - (linking to the post)

He literally had icing ALL THE WAY up his nostrils. He face-dove into it. It was actually pretty frightening (for me and Grandma) All the guys loved it, but seriously. Saul and I BOTH had to get in the bath during the party after all was said and done!!

I wish we had done a pretty cake like yours, though. These pictures are fantastic. What beautiful little boys!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday boys! (Captcha off, Becky? Pretty please!! :)

Jazzmin said...

(belated) congratulations to your cute guys!!! I wish them all the best from germany!
I really love to read your nice comments and see all that lovley fotos and films. It always makes me smile. While studing to become a speech patholinguist, I still work with a lot of families. But I really think your family is one of the cutest I know. I love your styles!
Two month ago my sister has got pregnant. And I will remember your cute idea of Birthday Cake Smash pictures, if her child has its first Birthday;-)But I hope her Baby will love such a nice cake like yours look. I´m excited to see more of your adventures to get some more nice ideas for my sister´s Baby.
All the best for Grey and Micah, they are soooo cute and lovley;-)

Ps.: excuse my bad english! I dont really spoke english since I left school...

Unknown said...

God bless them, they are so adorable. I can't believe it's been a year already! You are so blessed for taking great care of your children.

Claire said...

This post was hysterical! I kept laughing in loud bursts and then quickly quieting down to a silent giggle...even though I'm at home sitting on my own couch.

Happy birthday, sweet boys. What a grand occasion!