Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today is my birthday.
And OBVIOUSLY I'm way too busy to do menial regular things like blog on my birthday.
Except that I love blogging, and when I'm done here I have to move on to the laundry, so.... I'm going to write on my blog anyway.
Delay the inevitable folding of 10,000 pairs of underpants and the inability to match any socks. Seriously. Don't they go into the wash with their pair? Why don't two matching socks ALWAYS COME OUT??
Shesh. Anyway.

It's supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday, and I was trying to find pictures of me as a baby to compare to my kids... but to no avail.
Instead, its going to be a Wordy Wednesday.
I am 23, so I was going to give you 23 facts about myself or something, but instead... here's like 10 things you might not know about me if you only read my blog instead of hanging out with me in real life:

1. I chew ice. I chew it a lot. When I fill my cup with water (and I still use my hospital cup, and I hardly drink anything except water) I put in an entire tray of ice. And I chew it all. And about every hour or so, I put in a whole new tray of ice and chew that all up, too.

2.  I hate shopping at thrift stores and places like F21. Seriously. Just fold all the clothes and lay them out nicely, arranged by color.
Even Target is a little too hectic for me. I can't look on the sales rack there, because seriously? It's a freaking mess. Give me Gap and J.Crew and I will shop all day. Because it's clean and organized there. And it smells nice. And the people all look so stylish, and not stupid, which is how people at F21 look.

3. I am OCD about a few things. They are these: the way that my bed is made. The way that my clothes are folded and put away. And the way that dirty dishes are stacked in the sink.
Yes, you read that right. I don't mind a gigantic stack of dirty dishes, as long as they are piled up in the correct manner.

4. I don't like to take baths or showers. I mean, once I'm in there, I kind of like it (usually). But I hate the idea of stripping down and getting wet and having to change my clothes and do my hair and wash my face and then stick it under the shower head SO MUCH, that I only shower like three times a week (at the most) and only when I'm starting to smell or look dirty.

So most of these facts are about how I'm disgusting, apparently. So here's a little brag:

5. I try really, really hard to be a good homemaker. My house is generally clean, and I make homemade from scratch meals 5 days a week. I make homemade rolls and occasionally bread. I make homemade desserts a few times a week. I sew and knit things for my kids and Travis. I quilt and craft and am constantly doing really, super domestic things. But I never blog about it.
I kind of wish that I did, so there was proof of what I do with all my time, but... you know.
I never do.

6. I hate TV. When we're at someone's house and the television is on I want to start screaming.  When Travis turns on the TV to watch sports, I am fine until commercials and then that baby better be muted or I will unplug it and send him to his parents to watch basketball.
I WILL NOT watch the news, or talk shows (why are those a thing??), or things on PBS.
I will watch shows on Netflix or DVD, because there are no commercials and commercials make me hate human kind, and I will watch Hulu because when commercials come on (and there are only like 5 a show) I can mute them,  go to another website during them, and usually they're not as bad as the commercials on TV.
But seriously. The news? WORST THING EVER. Sometimes I'm not super informed about the scary murderous whatever just outside my door, nor the dangers of I don't know... shopping malls? But I am alive and not paranoid and not afraid of all strangers and strange weather.
So. That's good.

7. I don't read very many blogs. I read like 5.
I love to read blogs, but I am so freaking busy and writing on this blog takes forever. So a couple times a week, I'll scroll through like 20 posts at once and speed-read a ton of people's blogs. That's kind of what I assume most of you do, too.

8. I cry. A LOT. I cry almost constantly.
I have seen the Muppet movie about 4 times now, and I cry through the entire thing every time. Because I just love the Muppets, and it's so sweet, and I wish kid movies were like that still, and my childhood was like that happy childhood in Smalltown, and etc. etc.
I cry about everything. That commercial with the triplets playing hockey reduces me to collapsed heap of sobbing. And it's not sad, or even especially sweet.
It's just that it's a set of multiple boys and they play hockey, which is Minnesota-y.

9.  I am the worst thing ever at responding to emails or phone calls. If you emailed me and never heard back, I am so sorry. I read your email. I probably flagged it. I MEANT to respond.
But yeah, I probably didn't.

10. I bite my fingernails, and think that everyone should. I LOVE that Travis bites his fingernails, because long or well-kept nails are gross, especially on men. On women, they look like talons. On men, they look like... lady hands.
And men should not have lady hands. It makes me uncomfortable.
I'm going to try to teach my sons to chew their fingernails so that their hands always look like man hands. Cowboy hands. Rangers of the North hands. Um... Astronaut hands.
Yeah, Astronauts probably bite their nails.

And today is my birthday, so you should click to vote!

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Laura said...

Oh I am a nail biter too! I feel very similar about it but for some reason I always want to stop and can't!

Laura said...


Kristin said...

wow I'm feeling pretty darn stellar about myself because you have #1. commented on my blog which means you've at least read one post and #2. responded to the e-mail I sent you. booyah. Also, Happy birthday! :)

Rachel said...

haa.... I like short nails, too! I think long nails are gross/weird/creepy on just about everyone. But I don't really bite them... I mostly just tear them off. gross. anyway happy birthday!

Marge Bjork said...

happy birthday! I'm glad to know there's someone else who's OCD about stacked dirty dishes

Marge Bjork said...

oh, and have you seen this:

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wrote about it in my blog today : )

Jazzmin said...

Happy Birthday!!! All the best for you and your cute family!!! I really love your style and your post today just makes me smiling... It's soo sympathetic!

Renn, Keira, and Isaac said...

Ok people, biting your nails is gross, unsanitary, and I have heard that little nail pieces can get lodged in your intestines. Use nail clippers! Anyway, happy birthday Becky!