Thursday, May 24, 2012


Have you seen that hashtag floating around Instagram lately? I feel like everyone has been posting their #9ofpride pics.
So I wanted to. Essentially, (at least, I have surmised) it is 9 pictures, taken with your iPhone that you are especially proud of.
Since I am incapable of actually narrowing down to 9, I decided to post a collage from both 2011, and 2012.
*Sigh* Can you even believe that my babies were once so small? And that I have so many great pictures and memories captured on my phone?

2011: Grey sleeping on our couch // Travis and Micah // Grey and Micah, and I don't know who's who! //  Grey and Micah taking pics of themselves, :) Micah in the camo // Grey and Micah, I think this is on their 5 month-day // Can you believe that I thought they WEREN'T identical then? // At the grocery store .. on their blanket at the park // On a walk to visit daddy at work

2012: Micah and Daddy at ColorFest // At the airport // Eating breakfast // Micah sleeping // Out yardsaling // Sick Micah and Mama // Looking out the window // Reading I Speak Dinosaur with Travis // Grey, like such a big boy.

And because I couldn't help it...
This is not every picture I have of them on the swings, if you can believe it.
Do you have #9ofpride pictures? Leave a link in the comments if they're up on your blog, or tag me, on Instagram and I'll come see! @rebeccahlouise

AND, off topic: this week I lost several followers. (Oops. I guess I should keep my opinions to myself.) and I wanted to say. The conversation that offended some people about parents with one child having extra time, was said jokingly between my husband and I when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed. It's hard to relay jokiness on the blog, I guess.
No, I don't really think that women with one child have an easy time (and if you read the rest of that post, I think you would find that it was about feeling overwhelmed and subpar as a mother, not about how much harder I work than other mothers.)
But sometimes when I'm at the park and both of my children take off running in opposite directions and start climbing on things that are dangerous, while also shoving fistfuls of woodchips into their mouths, I wish that one was either a baby and a little less mobile, or one was even one year older, and didn't stick everything into his mouth and could make it to the slide by himself, without falling off the playground.
Twins are hard. And yes, they are harder than just one child, especially now, when they're babies.
And you know what? They're harder than having two kids that aren't twins -even if they're only a year apart.
But by no means are they the hardest thing that mother have to deal with, and I'm really sorry for all of you that were so upset by my last blog post. But I am also especially appreciative of those of you who recognized that post as a cry for support and offered me your love and comfort through the comments (most of you).
I love you, blog readers. Please stick around.

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alyssa said...

people need to get over themselves, we live in a time where you have to really be careful what you say or people will cry over it and get offended. i have one kid and did not find what you said at all offensive. quit whining people!

becky-i think you da best mom

Vanessa said...

I agree. I have 2 children, though not twins, and it is hard. You were blessed with twins, and along with that, blessed with the ability to handle twins. I think with my singletons I was only blessed with the ability to handle one child. With your greater responsibility came that blessing. Does that make sense what I am trying to say? I think this is why even mothers of singletons find it just as hard as you might find twins. Anyways, just my little input.

Polly said...

You offended me with the cigarettes and fast food comment but I am still following you, cuz I think your da bomb! haha
I love all those pictures, I can't stand how fast they are growing up!

Party of Three Heads said...

I find it bothersome that someone would get so offended over that!! Come on people!! I get overwhelmed with my (1) son, I certainly couldn't imagine life with 2. I think your post certainly meant well, and stated just how you felt! Don't be bothered!
SN: Are Mormon's not allowed to wear make-up?? JW?! lol (not that I think you should wear make up or anything!!)

Jessica said...

People need to slow their roll! Your nous are too cute to stop following!

Jessica said...

Boys * ^^^

Becky Pitcher said...

@ Mrs. Head: Yeah, we're allowed to wear makeup, and I do wear makeup ... sometimes.
Mostly I'm just too lazy and poor to spend time and money on makeup, lol.

Amanda said...

Seriously? You pretty much said exactly what I was thinking-difference is I don't have twins-I'm a working mom, so often think those same things about not "teaching" him stuff. I thought the conversation between you & your husband was hilarious! Your boys are adorable, you are awesome...thanks for the great blog:)