Tuesday, May 8, 2012

San Diego pt 2: phone pics

Carrying around a heavy camera with two babies can be TOUGH. And my real camera weighs a ton, so it's hard to even keep it in my diaper bag, or whip it out while in the car.
So the iphone, as always, is where it's at.
I love you, phone.
My third baby.
(I'm sorry I drop you all the time.)

So here is our entire trip, as documented by my instagram (@rebeccahlouise):

Since we decided to make this trip as fun and easy as possible, we made it into a two day drive, even though it could easily be done in one day.
Well, not easily with two babies. 

On the road!

We stopped and played every few hours, including at a bizarre truck-stop that had a petting zoo! Yes, please. 
The boys spent the car time watching and rewatching the same  episode of Curious George and drowsing. They hardly cried at all! I was so pleased!

We made it to Las Vegas! We spent the night with my great aunt and uncle, and the boys LOVED having their kids and puppies to play with.

Finally, after a few more pit stops, we made it to San Diego!

We stayed with my aunt Kathy in her AMAZING house. Okay, I may have gotten carried away, taking pictures of her house. I was in love with it. 

 Even Travis said, "If we're ever in the position to build our own house, we're bringing the architect here and saying 'build this.'" That is high praise. 

Kathy actually has identical twin sons the same age as me, Tucker and Jesse, and it was so wonderful to see them together. They are so sweet, and still best friends.  It made me really excited to watch my boys grow up together.  Tucker and Jesse were so good with the boys, too. 
It took a day or two, but by the time we left, Grey and Micah were happy to play and be held by them. 

Even Kathy's yard was a baby wonderland! Above, is Grey and Kathy and Travis and Micah. 

Since Travis was there filming a Cinco de Mayo festival-thingy, we went and spent time there. But it was HOT! and crowded.  I'll be sure to post the video Travis filmed, when it's done being edited.

The boys LOVED to climb up and down Kathy's stairs. They also lived within minutes of the beach! It was so cool! I want to go spend every summer there. 

I was so sad when it was finally time to pack up and go.  We were only really in San Diego for two full days, but we had so much fun. 

 The car ride home and stay in a hotel were so much more pathetic going home. 

We even stopped in Las Vegas to see the water show at the Bellagio and pretty much had a terrible time. Sigh. I hate Vegas.  

We finally made it back to Utah. 
And the boys were so pleased to see their own beds, they conked out for two and half hours, and counting. 
Ah, my bed.
Okay. It was really nice to go, but I am excited for my own bed.

I'll share the last of the trip's pics tomorrow!

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Alissa Moghtaderi said...

That's an incredible trip. I don't know if you're more ambitious than I am or if my boys are a little harder to wrangle, but you do a lot of things with your kids that I can't imagine doing with mine! Maybe when Elliott is up and walking we'll be more adventuresome, but somehow I think you're just amazing.

Tara said...

I can't believe you can take such great pictures with your iPhone! Seriously impressed. We're big on road trips too. Doing Seattle to San Francisco this summer. Did it last summer (Timmy was 2 and Gemma was 4 months) and it was both fun and brutal at the same time. Just crossing my fingers Timmy doesn't projectile vomit all over the car this time:)

Emily said...

I have to ask, where was that truck stop with the petting zoo? We're taking our 16 month old girlie to Disneyland at the end of June and the plan involves a lot of pit stops! And your boys are just adorable...seriously.

Becky Pitcher said...

@Emily The truck stop was at a Flying J and Dairy Queen reststop off the i15 in Scipio Utah.
They even have a zebra!

Molly said...

Agree with Tara- do you really take all those pictures with you iPhone? If so, I think mine might be broken... Looks like such a fun trip- love reading your blog!!

Becky Pitcher said...

@ Tara and @ Molly: I really did take each of those photos with the iphone.
I "edited" them with Instagram, though.