Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A cherry picking sort of day

This morning the boys, my friend Kelsee, and I went cherry picking.  Even though we picked about four pounds of cherries, we've only got enough for a small batch of jam. I think we'll go get some more tomorrow and make a pie, too....

The boys LOVED picking the cherries, and Micah was shoving them into his mouth unwashed and unpitted... oops. 

What are your favorite cherry recipes?
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lucy at dear beautiful said...

Ahhhh, love it! Cherries just scream summer for me, like strawberries too. Yummy! Can't wait to take my little man to the pick-your-own. X

Aimee said...

Where can I go to pick cherries? I want some!


Tara said...

have never been cherry picking but every summer I take the kids raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry picking. Raspberry is always the biggest hit...truly impressive how many berries Timmy can shove in his mouth in under an hour:) Have you ever tried making a cherry ice cream?

Becky Pitcher said...

@Aimee, There are unguarded cherry trees all over the streets in Provo. Lots of them are on city ground, or in church grounds. This is in front of a men's singles apt down the street, and since THEY're not picking them and making jam... I don't feel bad stealing them! Ha!

Cherry Ice Cream? Holy deliciousness. I have not made that (although I do like warm jam ON my ice cream), but I will certainly have to try!