Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo a day, June 10-16 & Phone pics

One picture a day is HARD. Usually it's hard, not because I don't have my camera, but because if I go to the effort of taking pictures, then it's hard to narrow them down to only one! This weekend, for example, I snapped several pictures at the farmer's market, a few at Costco, and then, when my sister in law Noelle started reading to Micah, I had to take a few more... then I had a hard time choosing only a single pic!
Ah, well. I think it's really good practice for me, and it'll make a really good photobook at the end of the year. 
Sun: Watermelon! We go through at least two a week. Often more. // Mon: Poor Grey, having a brother on your lap is no fun.  

Tues: Micah is using the laundry basket as a footstool. // Wed: Grey's favorite book: Animals.  

Thurs: Just sitting in a mudpit. Whatever. // Poor sickly Micah, snuggling with Daddy.  

Micah and Aunt Noelle reading I Speak Dinosaur before bedtime. 

And here are our Instagrams for the week:
Sometimes, Grey notices that he isn't buckled into his stroller...

Little boys on the step. // Photostrips of my best friend Kelsee and me, one recent and one from last year. // Headbutts from Grey. // Tomato basil pasta.

Pizza prep. // Pizza, fresh off the grill. // a painting by a very talented 16 year old I know. // Micah trying to put a block on the ringstacker, while Grey does a headstand.

Text from my 15 year old brother... Such a proud moment for me. :) // A good snack. // Playing in Grandma's sandbox.

The boys at a doctor's appointment. // Checking out the fish at the dr. // Grey sleeping. // The boys and I on Grandma's porch swing.

Board books. // Grey wearing booty shorts. // Crazy naptime hair. // Peanutbutter cookies.

Headstand boy.

Eating Watermelon with Grandma. // Grandma's big backyard. // Eating popsicles with our friend, Leo. // Mama and Grey.

On a walk. // Taco night. // Text from my mom... guess she doesn't love me anymore. // Snuggling with my smiling boys.

Grey would like some snowcone, please.

Working our way through a bag of cherries. // Eating left handed with their own spoons. // Sitting in my newborn- Moses basket. // Micah is a good popsicle-sharer.

Micah's new haircut. // Handsome Daddy! // Twin-time at the park. // Poking a stick into our family mudpit.

They know what they like... // Micah and the neighbor baby. // Cherries are ripe! Hurray! Time for PIE! // Grey, eating french toast with his own fork. 

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Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

We had so much fun playing at the park. Let's do it again soon! Twins are awesome :)

Zaralex said...

Your kids seem to be good eaters. Is there any trick to it or just good luck?

KC Squared said...

Such cute pictures! I actually love the watermelon picture and need to find one like that for my kitchen!