Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo a day, June 3- June 9

You guys didn't even see my photo-a-day last week, did you? I forgot to post it on the blog.
But I did post it on my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG, which is now officially up, so you can check out last week's photo-a-day {HERE}.
My friend Sienna does this every week, and I am 100% copying her, since I love her weekly photo updates so much.
So here goes. One photo a day for the last week. Hopefully I can keep this up, so far I've managed to do it two weeks in a row!

Micah eating some cake batter, while wearing a baby sized apron. // Grey in the baby-hammock swing at my aunt and uncle's house.

Grey posing with Daddy // and Grey again, with a muddy face

Our new purple basil plant. I hope it lives... let's just say, I'm better at keeping kids alive, than I am at keeping plants alive. // And Micah posing as he pushes his brother in wagon.

Eating a snowcone in the park this afternoon, at Orem Summer Days Festival.

I usually try to get lots of pictures with my boys' faces showing, but it's nice that if I get one of two a week, the rest can be action shots, detail shots, or creative shots. I know what they look like, so now I get to photograph and remember the world, too!
What do you think?

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MARCIE said...

Oh I mis-read that. I thought it said Oreo Summer Days. Who would miss that? Another blog with more photos? I wonder how many times your photos would wrap around the earth? Yes, I love them! It makes me feel so connected to your life and to the kids.