Wednesday, July 4, 2012

16 Months!

Happy Independence Day, you Americans! And Happy Sixteen-Month Day, my children!
I hope that you have a lovely day, full of parades, sparklers, and probably a bratwurst - fresh off the grill.
Oh, fourth of July, you are the epitome of summer.
Oh, baby boys, you are the epitome of perfect and darling.

As you must know by now, my children love popsicles.
This worked out very well for photos, since I could get them to sit still and giggle. Hurrah!

These boys just keep getting older, bigger, and more capable! I know that shouldn't surprise me, but somehow it does. They've started saying a handful of new words including Rey (Grey),  Tra-ter (Cracker), Ink-et (blanket), My-ah (Micah), Dit-doo (Thank you), Die-door (dinosaur), Yosh (Shoes?) and Amen! They also have picked up (and made up) a few new signs. Their favorite and most frequent is twisting their wrist like they're reving a motorcycle, which they do while growling - you know, because that's the sound motorcycles make. They do it constantly, and are obsessed with the scooter.
They've also started folding their arms and bowing their heads during prayer. I can safely say that it is THE CUTEST thing in the world. Second only to when Grey saw a picture a Jesus and said, "Jeh-us." (That might have been a fluke, it hasn't happened since...)

They have gotten very good at opening and closing doors, although (thankfully!) the front door is still a bit too tricky to open. However, on a regular basis, we are playing outside and they will come into the house (if the door is already ajar) and then close it behind them.  They hate the hot weather, and if we go outside and it's too hot, they will go in and shut the door behind them, then wait at the fridge until I come in and give them a drink!

They still love feeding each other and eating each other's food, as evidenced above. Grey wants some of Micah's popsicle.

They can officially walk up and down stairs while facing forward, and climb on and off any piece of furniture in the house. They can even get in and out of the bathtub, although that usually ends in someone slipping and crying - especially if there's water in the tub or on the floor.

They are obsessed with tackling, tickling, and chasing each other. They are SUPER rough with each other (and other kids) but it takes a lot to make them cry. Unless they're tired, then everything makes them cry. Just yesterday, Grey was patting/smacking me on the face. He accidently smacked me a little harder than he meant, and instantly looked worried and started rubbing and kissing my head. It was so sweet! He was like, "Oops, Sorry Mom!"

They've also gotten a bit self-aware when they go to the bathroom, and will go and hide in their fort or bedroom to poop. Maybe that means it's time to buy them a little potty?

They LOVE to be in their beds and take naps. (Whhhat?!) On a regular basis, they will bring me their blankets, and say "Ni-ni?" If I don't bring them to their beds and give them a bottle, they will go lie under their cribs with their blankets and whimper.
It's very pathetic.
Often times, they'll ask to be put in their beds and then they won't sleep but will sit in there and play. But, if they're happy being locked in their room... I'm not going to complain. It gives me a chance to make dinner. They only want to take one nap a day, but they still want to drink two bottles and they want them in the comfort of their cribs. So we've started "quiet time," where I lay them in their beds at four and make dinner. When I'm done getting dinner ready, they can come out again. It works perfectly! I don't even feel bad locking them in their room, because they have each other.

They've both become really expressive walkers. Micah will alternate between lunges, and tiny mincing little steps. Grey will swing, wave, and shimmy his arms while he walks. And they both bob and weave, stop and twirl, and generally act like comical drunks. Especially if music is playing. Then they alternate between interpretive dance, expressive walking, and break dancing.
Yes, you read that right. Their dancing is hilarious. Sometimes they're bobbing, shaking, and spinning, and sometimes they're throwing their arms out and swaying, rolling on the floor, running, stopping abruptly, and then running again. Their breakdancing consists of sitting or laying on the floor and scooting in a circle, trying to kick their legs while doing "headstands" and pounding the ground while also dancing.

They are so much fun, and we love them! Today at the parade, someone said (after watching us chase the boys into the street for the upteenth time), "I have a 16 month old, too. It's a complete nightmare, isn't it?"
NO! Having two little maniac boys is not a nightmare, it's just FUN. They are so curious, silly, and fearless that we have an adventure every day.
And, for good measure, look at this cute picture of me and my two little mans:

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Unknown said...

love that last picture (and your swimsuit!) that's one to frame for sure :) Where did you get that red polka dot beauty?

Amanda said...

they are just the two cutest little boys ever! They are doing so much for 16 months. I love the last picture your suit is so cute and you look absolutely adorable!
Happy 4th to you and your family <3

M.Z. Buschman said...

I really like the first picture!! Happy fourth and happy sixteen months

Amanda said...

You're so beautiful!!!

How have you got their cots set up? I'm always trying to figure out what's best for my sausages...

Also, I've gone out and bought popsicle stick things. Even though my boys are only 8 months, I have to be prepared!! Plus yours look SO CUTE with them!!!

Kara said...

so cute! I am jealous of the fact that you have twins! (although I'm done babymaking!) -- i think it would be such a great adventure.. and they look like they have a wonderful relationship!

with each other, and of course with popsicles too :P

Polly said...

Darling pictures, I love them all! I love their cute swim trunks! They look so big, I hope I can see them soon! I love the 4th pics with the Pitchers, looks like fun!

Unknown said...

thanks for linking up your little cuties!! xo.

Becky Pitcher said...

@ Kendall, I got that suit at Old Navy at the beginning of the summer. It's from their pouchy-bellied-Mama collection... although, I don't think that's what it's actually called.

@Amanda, Thank you!
The boys cribs are on opposite walls of the room. So they can see each other at all times, but can't touch each other. It works well, since if they could touch each other I think it would drive them crazy, but they hate sleeping apart.

MARCIE said...

Love this update with all their new tricks. So cute how they progress! The pics are terrific! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what a lucky woman you are! your two boys are so beautiful. Very nice blog

KC Squared said...

Such cuties! I love the picture of their sharing of popsicles!