Wednesday, July 18, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Rainy Day

First of all, thank you so much for all of your comments and emails! So many people sent me helpful info on insurance and ears, I think I know where to start figuring things out! You're the best.

Second of all, is anyone else obsessed with rain? I love it. Love. Love. Love.
I would be happy if it rained every other day, like it did last week. On Sunday, it was windy and drizzly, wet enough that it was lovely and cool - but not so much that we had to stay inside.
So I photographed my three favorite boys playing outside.
And don't they look well coordinated? Almost like I dressed the three of them to match! (I swear I didn't. We all just go together quite well...)

Oops, I forgot to label them.
The baby in green is Grey, and the baby in blue is Micah.

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Polly said...

I love these pictures. I especially love the one where Travis and Micah are on the bike and both looked so posed but Grey is climbing Travis's leg. I want to frame that one!

Unknown said...

So fun. You do have such a cute family. Which means I am cute too, because I come from the same family as Travis, therefore I have some of those cute genes. Right? Sarcastic answer to the last 2 posts... move to scotland with us!

M.Z. Buschman said...

I absolutely love the picture where Travis is holding Micah and Grey is walking a few steps ahead. And yes. I love rain.