Saturday, July 28, 2012

I don't "get" sports.

Travis: I don't understand why you don't like the Olympics!

Me: Because they're boring. I don't care about how fast people can swim.

Travis: But every one in the entire WORLD competes in the Olympics! It's something our entire planet does together.

Me: But it's a contest to see which members of the planet are the best.

Travis: It's about competition! Camaraderie!

Me: I hate competition! And camaraderie!

Travis: No one don't, or you would hate Harry Potter.

Me: But that's a competition between Good and Evil!

Travis: What about the Tri-Wizard Cup?

Me: But you don't care as much about the events in the tournament, you're more focused on what else is going on. Plus, they have magic! They fight dragons!

*    *    *   Several Minutes Go By   *    *    *

Me: Okay, I've thought about it, and even though the Olympics are reeeeeally boring, and sports are boring, and the Olympics are dumb boring sports, you're right, and it is cool that every one in the entire world does this together.

Travis: Thanks for bringing this up again.

Me: And it's cool that even countries that are at war with each other come together in peace to play boring sports.

Travis: Why did you bring this up?

Me: There was a really sweet little commercial about this little British kid who loved the Olympics and couldn't wait until they came to London, but then he died of a brain tumor, and his mom ran with the torch for him! *I mime running while carrying the torch, and crying*

Travis: Okay.

Me: It made me cry a little. Sorry you missed that.

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Strong Clan said...

Will and you have the same exact feels about sports. You guys should talk. He likes Harry Potter.

Krystle said...

I shall forgive you because

A) You have twin boys

B) You have really really cute twin boys

C) You like HP

D) I am nice

M.Z. Buschman said...

I think the Olympics are boring, too, and just another chance for people to prove that they're better than another person or group of people.

Sonja said...

Yeah, I don't see the Olympics as THAT special either. I haven't even watched the opening ceremony this year.! But that commercial... I totally cried too!