Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo a Day - July 22-28

Sun: Micah singing to me after his bath. // Mon: Grey likes to shove all his food into his mouth at once.

Tues: Micah eating a nectarine. // Wed: Coloring on the sidewalk, wearing the shoes they both insisted on wearing all week.

Thurs: Poor sweaty Grey, napping in the heat. // Fri: At least we had some rain to cool us down.

Sat: Swimming! It's our family fave.

And the phone pictures from the week:
Sometimes they get naked in their beds, and pee and poop on things. Then they run to the kitchen. // For the love of Chicken Pot Pie! // Micah // Eating lunch.

Going down...

Grey goes down slides by himself these days.... // Micah and Mama, reading a book. // Mama and her boys. // A lovely sunset last night!

Popsicle time, these blueberry and raspberry popsicles were their all-time favorites.

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Brittany H said...

My son has those same shoes and I have hated them because of the elastic...but now I see that you cut theirs off and tied it with a shoelace. Genius.

Becky Pitcher said...

@ Brittany, holy cow, those shoes were the worst with elastic! Even when they were way too big, I couldn't squeeze them on to my kids feet without using my teeth and then getting kicked in the face.
I just used yarn!
Now they are obsessed with wearing them every day!