Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Water Babies

These boys (including Travis, ha!) love the pool like nobody's business! We went to a friend's house to swim for an hour, and after two hours (long past naptime) the boys still wanted to go down the water slide, jump off the edge into our arms, splash themselves, swim, and play.
Did I mention that my children have no fear?

Here is an overload of media from the day, you should thank your lucky stars that we forgot the water proof camera, or this would be tenfold!

I am in love with these black and white photos! I never edit pool/summer/beach pictures into BW but there's so much contrast and I think they look gorgeous! I looooove the picture above of Micah and me.  *Swoon*

And some pictures from the iPhone:

Click to vote? Also, what age did you start giving your kids swimming lessons? I think that we'll start next year...

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Polly said...

It's hilarious to me that we can see Travis's ribs when he goes down the slide. He is so skinny. My kids never learned much from swimming lessons, they learned from swimming swimming swimming. Katie took lessons when she was 3 and when the lessons were over she said " Hey I thought they were supposed to teach me how to swim?" No just how to not be afraid of water I guess. She has turned in to a fish these past two weeks and swims like crazy.

Brittany said...

Waterproof camera? Please share. :)

Mo said...

We started parent and me classes when they were 9 months old to get them used to the water. We tried at 6 months, but they weren't ready. They love lessons and being around the kids. It is fun and not too structured.

Anonymous said...

such lovely pics, I love the ones of Grey on the top of the slide

MARCIE said...

Travis going down the slide is pretty cool. How fun for you all!