Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Playdough

The boys have found a new favorite toy... game... thingy: Playdough!
I've made two batches now, and the only reason that I made a second batch was because they'd mixed all the colors from the first batch into an ugly purplish-brown.  {I used THIS recipe} the second time and I liked it more than the first batch I made. I wish I could use Jello or Kool-Aid, but I'm a 100% sure that if our playdough smelled like fruit, it would get eaten...

The boys are so funny with the playdough, and because they don't talk a lot, I have a hard time gauging what they're thinking while they play.
Micah loves to cut the playdough up with a butter knife into lots of little pieces, and he likes to squish things (like buttons, or cookie cutters) into the playdough.
Grey likes to pretend to eat it, flatten it with the rolling pin, and make shapes with the cookie cutters.
It's really interesting seeing how they use it differently!

Like my kangaroo cookie cutter? A few years ago, I got this awesome pack of animal shapes on sale. I still haven't used them for actual cookies, because sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies just aren't high on my list of favorite desserts. But with little boys who love frosting, I think they're going to get a lot more use in the next few years....

I wanted to get pictures of the playdough when it was fresh and the colors weren't mixed, but the boys were "helping" me make the playdough, and literally snatching it -still warm- out of my hands, and immediately squishing it into other colors.
Ah well, I guess that's what Playdough's for: playing with, and not photographing. Whatever. Babies. Sheesh.

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