Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We love our new house so much. Our big yard, yellow Maple tree, and sandbox. But we especially love our new neighbors! The family who lives below us have a little girl is 3 months older than the boys, and Grey and Marty (as Elanor calls Micah) have a new best friend. 

The three of them are so funny together. Half the time, the boys follow her around or bang on her window yelling "De-dor!" ("Elanor!"); and half the time they refuse to look at her or let her touch them.  She loves to hug them, and they can never decide if they want to be hugged or not. They hate being taken off-guard though, and usually don't mind a hug if I yell "Give Elanor a hug!" right before she grabs them.

Because they look like they could all be little blond siblings, I always think that they look like triplets as they run around the yard. But she's the perfect kind of triplet, because we get to play - but I don't have have to change her diaper or feed her lunch, or try to take care of all three of them when they're tired or sick!  But we all play in the same yard, and if the windows are open, we can hear when they're outside, and go join them.

Grey loves to climb in and out of the tipped over car, it's more fun if it's an obstacle course than if it's just a boring ol' vehicle.

Aren't all three of those babies looking cute in their long sleeves and high-top sneakers?
Yesterday was the first day that I felt like it really might be autumn, every other day seems like a fluke. I usually put the boys in long sleeves in the morning, and have to change them into short-sleeves by noon. Yesterday was chilly and perfect. It was a long-sleeves-all-day kind of day.
How was your day?

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Elizabeth said...

These are such adorable pictures! Oh, and thanks for the blog link and liking us! :)

Natalie said...

they are all the cutest! i bet it's so nice for them to have an extra buddy.