Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo A Day: Sept 16 - 22

Sun: Teaching Grandma and Grandpa how to use the iPad. // Mon: Washing berries for some fresh jam

Tues: Homemade Chili and Cheesy cornbread for dinner. // Wed: Blowing homemade bubbles, and being adorable in fall clothes and chubby cheeks.

Thurs: Poor Micah was sick today, so we spent the day snuggling on the couch and watching Blue's Clues. // Fri: We had a tea party Second Breakfast with our neighbors to celebrate the anniversary of the Hobbit for Tolkien Week.

Sat: The boys are now obsessed with "helping" me in the kitchen. They wear their aprons, sprinkle salt, and fling food around the room (while trying to help stir, of course) every time I cook.
Ah well, I'd rather they wanted to help cook than not, and soon enough, I'll be able to let them make dinner! Muwahaha!

Micah smiles as Grey nuzzles him. // Brothers gotta... kiss? // Drinking their morning cup of peppermint tea. After every sip they go, "Ahhhh." // Grey has a dandelion bouquet.

Oh, my little boys.

Micah loves to climb trees. // Helping me cook, again. // Strawberry scones for our Second  Breakfast. // YUM.

I love picking out the colors for a new project. // We get lots of hugs from our new little friend. (P.S. Check out our new neighbor's blog! I think you'll spot some familiar faces!) //  Helping cook. (ALWAYS.) // Playing in the sandbox.

Drooling over the "fall" entries in my seasonal baking book, Green Market Cookbook. // My perfectly tidy house! I don't want to let the boys out to make it messy! // This one. He is my favorite. // Micah and Grey, wearing Daddy's shoes.

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