Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my cute family

I love being here with my parents and two younger siblings! We are visiting them in Nevada, and it's been so much fun. We've only been here since Saturday afternoon, and we've already been to see horses at a nearby farm, and spawning salmon in a nearby mountain river. The boys are loving having Jack and Katie around. They both say "Jack" and "Kitty!" and it's very cute.
Here are some pictures from our hike yesterday. I didn't bring my big camera, so these are all from the iphone. My IG followers had a serious overload yesterday... sorry, haha.

This man. I love him so much. We have been married for three years tomorrow!

I love that picture of Grey watching the salmon. The river was SO FULL of fish, just squirming around in shallow water, right up by the shore.  My kids LOVED throwing rocks at them. Luckily, they have pretty poor aim, but still - they might have gotten a few... // My cute parents have been happily married for 24 years. I attribute a lot of Travis and my marital happiness to the amazing examples set by both my and his parents. We both know how to be happily married, because we've seen happy marriages our whole lives. // Travis and the boys throwing rocks at the fish, or -as Travis described it- "interacting with nature." // Micah and Uncle Jack. Ever since Micah was a newborn, he's had a special bond with his uncle, and whenever we're with them - Micah wants to be with Jack at all times. It's so sweet!

 My family.  They are cute.

The trees in the mountains were crazy-tall! We even found lots of pinecones that were the size of my kids' heads, score! // My three prancing men. The boys love their daddy so much, they spent much of the day refusing to be held or walked with by anyone else. // My dad and Grey boy. // Looking over the bridge at the river full of fish.

Oh, my family. We are the cutest family. And I am not biased, that is true.

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Marge Bjork said...

As opposed to other votes I shall cast this year, I have no conflicts or reservations about voting for your blog.

Unknown said...

So cute. Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Three years has gone by so fast. Have a fun rest of the trip and drive home safely