Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo a Day - Nov 4 - 10

This week was a busy one, which I hardly realized until I looked at my photos from each day. We started the week with my family, although they left on Monday, then Travis came home from a trip and we enjoyed a few days of too-warm fall weather. Then suddenly there was a three-day-blizzard happening. On Saturday, Travis' parents took the boys all day and over night, so we could have a date night all to ourselves! It was so fun! It was the first night that the boys had been away from both of us, and frankly, I kind of hoped that they would be sadder about it, but my mom-in-law claims they were fine! I happened to sneak into their room that night at about 10pm to grab some laundry and I saw their empty little beds and felt so sad! I missed those boys!

 Sun: Trying to get a group picture before Mary leaves on Sunday morning. As you can probably tell, most of us just woke up. :)

Mon: Well-dressed Micah. // Tues: Grey is a little artist.

Wed: It's fall everywhere! // Thurs: At the zoo, Grey is almost the same height as a black bear.

Fri: Snow! It's every where! // Sat: Travis and me on our snowy date!

And here are all my Instagram pictures from the week. You can follow me @rebeccah.louise
I got delightful pair of slippers in the mail! Soon enough, a thank you card will be on it's way. // Bath time is happy time. // Where's Grey? // Playing on the scooter.

 Micah is hard worker. // Playing with daddy on the iPad. // Reunited and it feels so good! // FALL!

Not staged.

At the zoo, checking out the seals. // They were showing off. // Grey on the merry-go-round. // TARGET IS FUN.

 Micah actually washed his plate after dinner (with only a little help.) // My view in front and behind. // Taking pictures of ourselves in the mirror. // The boys are camouflaged.

 The boys bring their blankies everywhere! // Winter Wonderland. // Watching movies in the car. // I love him.

 Our tree on Friday afternoon.

Narnia. // Messy-faced-boy. // Tickling daddy. // Grey is mad.

"Ooooh, Mom! Uh-Oh, Mom!"

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Jocelyn said...

Haha, I love the pictures of (Micah? Grey?) reading the Ensign with his legs crossed.

MARCIE said...

Those are such cute hats you made. I'm so impressed!

Erica Holland said...

Becky, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I've been spending precious "kids sleeping time" looking back over your blog, and enjoying it very much. You have some beautiful photos! It helps that your boys are so cute as well. My twins will be three in February. How old are Grey and Micah? Do you live in SLC? Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for such a nice comment, and to respond to your questions. I think I'll be back to your blog again - so many fun things to look at!