Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Family

For the first time in years, my whole family was together this Christmas. So we got out the tripod, a few cozy sweaters, and went outside to freeze our buns off.

My cute parents. // And my mom, and my sisters, and me.

I guess my parents didn't realize that it was a silly picture. Also... Grey is punching his brother in the face.

Let's all vote. Is my brother James Dean or Justin Beiber? Either way, seriously handsome, right? Look out high school freshman. // My handsome husband and me. Are you wondering where our kids are? Watching Charlotte's web in the car where it's warm.

Oh hey. Hope your Christmas was very merry.

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Unknown said...

You are all WAY too beautiful.

howNOTtostageahome said...

Where did you take these> They are beautiful!!

MARCIE said...

Such great photos! So glad you could all be together. Miss you!