Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sometimes I Post Phone Pictures:

I know that not all of you follow my Instagram (@rebeccahlouise), because you have old crappy phones or aren't young and cool.  (Please read: I have a fancy phone and am young and cool)
So I'll post some of my favorite IG pics from the last month, and for the ease of the reader, I will separate these pictures into excellent categories. 

They Think They are Grown-ups or Something:

Micah is ridiculous (In the best way): 

Grey is a Beautiful Child:

I Have Twins, Yo! And They are Cuter Than You Can Handle:

Very Rarely, I take Pictures of Grown-ups:

What category is your favorite? Mine is,  "They Think They are Grown-ups or Something," because seriously, what is their deal? Don't they know they're babies? They aren't even TWO YEARS OLD, yet?

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Molly S said...

I LOVE those chopsticks! My son is currently OBSESSED with "the cookin' man" aka hibachi guys, and he loves using chopsticks whenever we're out. I need to get him some for home! I think maybe on a night where he's feeling particularly picky, I could pull those bad boys out, and voila - he'll be eating dinner! Where'd you get them!!?

Mary said...

was the very rarely to show us that 3 out of 4 times its of a grown man child named travis haha because he seems crazy and fun in these photos :)

Polly said...

Was that I t-shirt saying Mary just typed up. I have no idea what she is trying to say. haha

Becky Pitcher said...

@Molly, We found them at our local Chinese grocer! We love them!