Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photo a day Feb 24 - Mar 2

Last week was cold, snowy, February Winter at it's finest. Then, on the first day of March a curtain was pulled.  And there was spring.
Oh, I don't want winter back. The four days since Friday have been heaven. Knowing how much my little boys love mud (at all times, and in all things, and in all places), I snagged a pair of worn out slightly-too-small rainboots at a thrift store last week and it is the bane of my children that I don't have two pair.
They cry and beg for their boots moments after waking. They wear them all day, announcing proudly every 15 minutes, "Boots! Boots!"
When they feel like their brother has had an unfair rainboot advantage, they cry "Turn, boots! Turn!"
I have been to about 15 stores looking for kids' boots that aren't 1. Very expensive or 2. Decorated with fire trucks or SpongeBob.
But the mud and the hard, grey rain, and the wind has done something magical to our house. I even sat down yesterday and wrote a poem about it, which was so soothing and restorative to my soul. I love poetry.
And here is my poem of photographs:

sun March 24: Grey uses the kitchen aid almost daily. You know, for his many baking needs. // Mon March 25: Fighting the winter blues with some homemade orange jelly {from this recipe}

Wed Feb 27: (Notice my days are out of order? They fit better this way.) A trip to the zoo with our friends. The seals are always the best part.

Tues Feb 26: Why blow bubbles, when you can eat them? // Thurs Feb 28: The weather hinted that it *might* get warm soon, but wouldn't make any promises.

Fri March 1: And then there was mud. And Grey won the rainboots battle that morning. // Sat March 2: Our family at the boys' birthday party, which exceeded my secret dreams of being held outside. It was in the fifties! We didn't even have to wear coats!

I hope your week was as nice as ours, and I hope this Springtimey weather is here to stay. I don't mind the rain, since everyone knows that showers bring flowers.

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Nana B said...

we are in the middle of a snowstorm that so far has dumped about 10" of new snow in our yard. I'm with you, I am ready for spring.