Monday, April 15, 2013

Photo a Day: April 7 - 13

I've been doing this photo-a-day challenge for about a year now (whaaaat?!) and I love it. I love looking through the whole year and seeing the colors in my pictures change from orange and green in the summer, to brown and red, then grey, blue and purple. Now as spring approaches (or so I thought, yet there is SNOW outside my window!) I think the color palette of the photos will start brightening up again. Yellows, whites, greens. I'm excited! 
Since I don't assign myself any real restrictions or give myself "photo topics," I decided that this week I would do all horizontal pictures. It was actually quite a challenge, and a delight! In the last year, I have taken very few horizontal pictures. I almost forgot how to compose them, and could certainly do better. I also have a lot of pictures with both boys, since they can both fit in a horizontal picture! It was so enlightening, that I'm thinking of doing more self-imposed challenges. Maybe all black and white one week? Maybe a week without my kids? No. Probably not that last one. I love the cuteness of my kids' faces too much! But any other suggestions are welcome!

Sun April 7: We spent a while during the afternoon, sitting in our yard - getting the pretty green light-filters of spring. 

Mon April 8: The boys finally got to eat the lollipops they got for their birthday. I used it to distract Micah while I removed his splinters!

Tues: Making homemade pesto: puree a clove (or two) of garlic with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Then add in a handful of parmesan, 1/4 cup of pine nuts, and a bunch of basil - puree, adding more oil as necessary, and enjoy!

Wed April 10: Playing with the beautiful cars my grandpa Roger built and painted for them.

Thurs April 11: My birthday! My sister Mary came to town to help celebrate!

Fri April 12: Grey took off his boots to don my shoes, and Elanor quickly pulled Grey's boot on herself, using Grey as support. He stood there politely waiting for her, before pushing his stroller away.  

 Sat April 13: Grey and Micah taking a bubble bath.

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Sarah said...

what about a week of black and white/ grey scale pictures?

madamelinae said...

a perspective themed week would be fun! either a whole week of bird's view or frog perspective for example or a week of all those mixed. another pretty thing could be only macro shots! focusing on lashes, dimples, bursting buds, structure of your counter space? just ideas.

MARCIE said...

So that's what pesto is! I never knew! Ha! More wonderful photos. so cute of Grey watching Elanor put his boots on.