Saturday, April 13, 2013


Do want to know why Travis is my favorite person in the entire world?
This is why:

Travis: Today, when I was filming I saw this old man and old lady, and - this might sound weird, but-
Becky: They were us from the future?
Travis: Um. Yes. They were.
Becky: Okay. How could you tell? Was The Doctor with them?
Travis: No. So I was filming and as I passed this old guy, he looked up and we made eye contact. And there was this... connection. I mean, I didn't know him, but he made this face, like "You're doing alright." And I was like, WHAT?! And he smiled at me, and we seriously made this really brief, but personal connection.
He was a little bit shorter than me, and had white hair and a crazy widow's peak like me. He was wearing big bulky glasses, like mine and a member's jacket - you know, like hipsters and old people wear.
But then, he and his wife  just got up and left. They didn't even stay for the presentation, and they had just got there! They just left, like - all they were there for was to see me. And let me know we're okay.
Becky: Wait! What did I look like in the future?
Travis: Okay, you had white poofy hair.
Becky: Yes! That's my dream!
Travis: And a long skinny neck, but you were wide and fat like... a pear. And you were wearing a denim jacket.
Becky: Haha, awesome! I'm so good at dressing myself.
Travis: We looked pretty happy. We were still in love. And we can time-travel, so... Oh, and obviously we still live in Salt Lake.
Becky: That's not for sure. Maybe they just traveled to Salt Lake to see us. They probably spied on the boys and I today when we went on a walk, but I didn't see them.
Travis: I'm sure it was really fun to see you and the boys again. Man. It's nice to know that we're doing alright.
Becky: Yeah, it is.

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MARCIE said...

I totally relate to this. I love you guys.

Katie said...

I love this. The Doctor was probably with you guys but in a body you haven't seen yet.

tammy said...

Am I missing something? Who is the doctor? And I love this. I am totally a believer.

Sarah said...

Love when you post conversations between you and your husband!

Angela said...

Aw! This is precious!

I sometimes I wonder about things like that.

Besides...The Doctor could've been there, too. He does regenerate so much! ;-)


Angela said...

Tammy-- The Doctor is from the BBC show, Dr. Who. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend the version that started in the mid 2000's. :-)