Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Conversations and Videos

Everytime someone says to me, "What does your husband do?"
I happily jump up to the computer and show them a dozen videos by Travis. He's very good. (As good as Barry Zuckercorn? Maybe.)
But my favorite videos to show off are the ones that Travis made for me concerning the boys.
We had some friends over on Saturday night and watched these old favorites. After they left (when I had some peace to cry freely) I watched them each about 5 times more and sobbed through them.
Oh. They are my favorite. In the whole world.

When we found out we were having twins (Travis caught my reaction to the news on video, people. It's worth a watch):

First Ultrasound from travispitcher on Vimeo.

and the video of the boys' birth. Don't worry, there are no babies being born in this video. Also, if you're interested in the boys birth story, you can read it {here.}

Birth Story from travispitcher on Vimeo.

And here are some unrelated conversations of late:

When I invited my sister Mary to watch an episode of Doctor Who with us:

Mary: UGH! You guys watch Doctor Who? You're freakazoids! Only weirdos watch Doctor Who!
Me: We're not freakazoids!
Mary: You wear animal hats and tutus with colored tights!
Me: What? No, I don't.
Mary: Don't make me watch it! You're a weirdo!

When I told our downstairs neighbor about the above conversation:

Elizabeth: She's actually probably right. Those are the type of people that are really into Doctor Who. Crazy people.
Me: Yeah, maybe.
Elizabeth: The difference is that we're really invested in the story and characters and the weirdos are invested in the alien cultures and the science of time travel, and learning pretend languages and stuff. We're not that nerdy.

When I told Travis about both of the above conversations:

Travis: Oh. You're not interested in learning pretend languages?
Me: Not.... alien languages.
Travis: Oh yeah. So Elvish doesn't count. You and Elizabeth are both weirdos, just not about Doctor Who. You're Lord of the Ring people.
Me: Not to the same extent!
Travis: Okay, Didn't-wear-a-cloak-to-school. 
Me: Well...
Travis: Mary's right. You guys are crazy.

Yesterday morning, I scrolled through my list of Facebook friends, deleting people willy-nilly. It was quite freeing.  But then I felt guilty! I wrote a Facebook status to that extent. We had this conversation afterward:

Me: A bunch of people commented on my FB status and said, "Don't delete me!" It was funny, too, because lots of them I might have deleted. I haven't talked to them since high school or longer.
Travis: Everybody loves you, right?
Me: Yeah, it was surprising.
Travis. Oooooh, okay.
Me: What?
Travis: I see what that was. You just posted the threat of un-friending, so that everyone would tell you they love you.
Me: What?! No!
Travis: It was just another plea for attention. Poor Becky. Just wants everyone to love her.
Me: The fact that everyone DOES is just a happy coincidence.

After my blog blog {Two Years} which showed pictures of the boys over the last two years:

Travis: Oh man, that blog post was cute.  [begins to force Grey into a huggle* using wrestling moves.]
Me: I know! They were so little and now they're so big!
Travis: I kept remembering the way we would hold them [pins Grey to his chest- while Grey laughs and squirms] they had this heavy weight and they'd press into your chest. We had to support their heads. [Grey pushes his feet against Travis' chest, so his body is flat and parallel to the floor] I admit, it made me kind of baby hungry.
Me: YES! And you remembered how easy it will be for us to have a baby this time, since there will only be one?
Travis: No, you crazy-pants. I remembered that we actually have two kids, so we will have THREE babies if you get pregnant.
Me: Oh right. Those other kids? Who cares about them?

*Huggle is a word combining "hug" and "snuggle," obvs. You can use it as a verb or a noun.
Like this, "I love to huggle."
Or, "Come give me a huggle!"

You're welcome.

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Sarah said...

Huggle is a great word, I think I will try to incorporate it into a conversation today.

Brittany said...

Seriously, I cry EVERY time I watch either of these videos (and like I said, I watch them alarmingly often.) My favorite part of the ultrasound video is right around 1:15-1:20. It's perfect.

Oh! And I need to get you more honey!!! Let me get on that...

Anna said...

oh wow! the birth story video is so touching. They were so tiny and unbelievably cute! I wish I had videos like this from my daughters births.

Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha--to the conversations! Lovely videos as well!

Angela said...

I cry every time you post/request we watch that twin announcement video. Seriously. Every. Single. Darn. Time. And I don't even know you in real life!


Also, I love Dr. Who. I freely admit that I am a weirdo.

Krystle said...


Okay, and my twins were facinated with the Birth Story and thought it was them.

AND, I want Travis to come here and film my twin birth story...but it already happened...so how good is he??

MARCIE said...

Travis nails it every time! He is so funny.