Thursday, May 16, 2013

On the road again

I am seriously lucky that my husband appreciates my need to see my mother at least every other month. 

Because once again, we have loaded up in the car, left well before the crack of dawn, and are now on our way to Nevada! 
Okay, can someone clarify: Do some children SLEEP in cars? 
Are there children that you can move from one sleeping-location to another without waking? 
We snuck into the boys' room this morning three hours before their normal wake up time. We moved them, without even a whisper, through a dark house to a warm car. They were each given a sippy cup of milk, and we left in a dark, noiseless hustle. 
So WHY are my children in the back seat occasionally shouting, "Truck! Choo-choo! Bus, Mama! BUS!" 
No, dang it! Sleep! We have a nine hour drive ahead of us, lets start it off with a good four hours of driving before you wake up and want breakfast! 
Oh! The boys just figured out where we're going and started chanting "Grandpa! Grandpa!" In the back seat. 
They're pretty much in love with all their grandparents.
(Which is another good excuse to have visits every other month.) 


Strong Clan said...

I agree with you 100%. This last trip to CA to see Will's parents and my cute sister-in-law, Max did sleep, but not at the hours we were hoping. We woke up three hours before his usual time to rise, and he was wide awake. And we are the cool parents that bought him french fries at 7am to make him stop crying...

Casey said...

I missed seeing you yesterday!!! And now you're out of town again. *sigh* Well, HAVE FUN! And Eli never sleeps in cars. Never has (for more than 15 minutes, which is RARE). And I'm sure never will. Ridiculous. ENJOY YOUR FAMILY!