Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo A Day: June 2-8

Oh! This last week has been kind of chaotic, despite the lovely, relaxing feel that the photos have. We spent a night in Provo with my in-laws, poor Micah was sickly and rashy (although it's mostly healed now), Travis went to California for three days, and my friend Lauren was married, which meant that we went to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the reception. So. Pretty busy. 
I also did an absurd amount of crying this week, which makes weeks seem even longer than they are. 
Mostly the crying was because I love Lauren so much, and I felt the need to cry at all times weddingy. The slideshow of Baby Lauren growing into Lady Lauren at the rehearsal was more than I could handle. Especially when it got to the end, and showed all the pictures of her since college. I felt like I was watching the Becky, Lauren, Lana show. It was all these pictures of my two dear friends and I, or many pictures I'd taken. Travis and the boys each made the slideshow a couple times, and I was a total mess thinking about how much had changed in our lives since we first met each other as roommates in a Freshman dorm. 
So yeah. Lots of crying and lots of joy, gratitude, and beauty. 
I've got a pretty sweet life. 

 Sun June 2: The pretty quilt top that I  finished last weekend. I'm almost done quilting it and will show off more pictures this week. // Mon June 3: Grey, telling me about his Daddy's scooter.

 Tues June 4: Our rosebushes are in bloom. I love them. // Wed June 5: Grey and Micah playing in Grandma Carol's sandbox.

Thurs June 6: My lovely friend Lauren on her wedding day, and her creepy brother - who made an effort to photobomb all the pictures I took that day.

Fri June 7: Micah, enjoying some watermelon. // Sat June 8: Grey and Elanor love to splash in the pool.

If you haven't seen the video that I posted last night, scroll down and check it out. It's my new favorite home movie!

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Unknown said...

Just wanted to thank you for being there for and with Lauren throughout her college years and now her marriage to Tom. It was so lovely to have you there to celebrate throughout the 3 events!!!! Love you!

MARCIE said...

I'm so happy for Lauren! The quilt you made her is great! Cute pics of the boys & Elanor.