Wednesday, August 14, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - The Great Salt Lake

Last week when our friends were visiting, we decided to have a uniquely Utahan experience and go swim in the Great Salt Lake. Believe it or not, I'd never actually been, and Travis had't gone since he was a little kid.
So we didn't really know what to expect.

Actually, we did.
It was exactly as anticipated.
It was big, and lovely, but dirty and bright. You floated and bobbed around, which was cool, but came out crusted in salt and little dead flies.
So it was a mix of good and bad.

I wouldn't actually recommend it, especially with toddlers. Especially if you're using it as a highlight of Utah's lovely qualities.
Go to the mountains.
Not to the stinky, desert, salt-water lake in the middle of the blazing hot day.
We did get lots of pictures, mainly due to my friend Eli.
It was a little like high school, in that I handed him a camera and said, "Please capture the events of today."
And so he did.
Thanks, friend.  

That last lovely photo is what it looked like through a tinted car window. Practically perfect.
(Don't be deceived.)

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Polly said...

I guess the person holding the camera is never in any pictures. No Eli. Thats too bad. It looks like the boys still had a blast, boys don't really care if it is stinky and there are lots of flies.

MARCIE said...

Thanks Eli! My favorite is of the boys sitting on the surf board. It looks like they are paddling out to sea!