Monday, August 12, 2013

Photo A Day: August 4 - 10

I am pretty good at capturing the ordinary in our life. Trips to the park, dinner, hugs, toys, the occasional shot of my craft table.
If you want to know what our life usually looks like, you're in luck, because I have several years worth of pictures of regular boring days.
But man, I am really bad at photographing when fun things happen.
This week we had some friends from my home town stay with us from Tuesday to Sunday, so you'd think they'd be in a bunch of pictures.
But you'd be wrong.

Ah, well.
I do what I do.
Although in reality, I didn't even take all these pictures.

Sun August 4: Blowing Bubbles on the front step, as captured by our downstairs neighbor Elizabeth.

Mon August 5: Micah takes his lady love on a ride. // Tues August 6: Looking at Diggers with Daddy.

Wed August 7: Obligatory group picture of our otherwise unpictured friends. Despite the photographing evidence to the contrary, we had an awesome time together!

Thurs Aug 8: Are you noticing that my children spent all their time shirtless or naked in the summer? Not a single picture of them with clothes on!

Fri August 9: Two of my best friends from High School. I hadn't seen them in YEARS. Four years!

Sat August 10: We went swimming in the Great Salt Lake, which isn't as Utah-y an activity as you might think. In fact, it's the first time I've been in the 6 years I've lived here. It was a long drive, and kind of disgustingly dirty and scorching hot! But it was fun to float and be so buoyant! I might recommend it to family's with slightly older kids. (Not too young, or they can't have fun and it's too much work, not too old, or they'll know enough to be grossed out by the flies and water.)

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MARCIE said...

How great to have your friends visit. I remember Eli, of course.

Polly said...

Very cool, I'm glad you got a couple pictures of your friends.